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Fun Facts About Paraguay

Just like other countries, there are many fun facts about Paraguay that involve its history, people and land. If you have taken a Spanish class, you may have learned a little about Paraguay, but how many fun facts do you know? Some of the facts below may not be in American history books or non-Latin American history books; having a little knowledge about Paraguay makes knowing about Latin American interesting.

Fun Facts About Paraguay’s History

Fun Facts About Paraguay

Paraguay has been involved in a couple of wars and has been economically underdeveloped the majority of the time since its independence.

  • Paraguay's independence occurred in May of 1811 from Spanish rule and occupation.
  • The term Guarani holds three important aspects in Paraguay. First, Guarani is the name of the tribe that lived in the region before the Europeans came to the land. Second, Guarani is the name of Paraguay's currency. Third, Guarani is one of the two official languages spoken in Paraguay: Spanish is the other.
  • The War of the Triple Alliance took place from 1865 to 1870. One of the most fun facts about Paraguay that you may read is that the country lost 66% of the adult males and a lot of the territory.
  • The Chaco War was Paraguay's most successful war because it won highly lucrative areas from Bolivia making recovery and rebuilding easier after the war.
  • Paraguay's first railroad was created and built in three years starting in 1858 by British engineers.
  • The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion and was built and founded in 1537.
  • Paraguay's official name is Republic of Paraguay or Republica del Paraguay.

The People

Paraguay has about six million people with an average age of 20 years-old for males and 21 years-old for females. Women will have an average of four children.

  • Most of the population, around 95%, is a mix of Spanish and Amerindian, which is commonly called Mestizo.
  • Much of the population lives east of the large Paraguay river that separates Paraguay into two sections. Two to three percent of the citizens live in western part of Paraguay while the rest live in the eastern section.
  • Paraguay's people are mainly involved in agriculture and cattle ranching. A small percentage of the population mine iron ore, manganese and limestone.

Government and Other Facts

The government climate has changed a few times since Paraguay's independence. Their laws and processes may be different from your own, but Paraguay has a deep understanding of struggles.

    Did You Know?

    The legal system in the country is a combination of Argentine and French codes as well as Roman law.

  • The President and Vice President are freely elected for five year terms.
  • Paraguay owns the Itaipu Dam with Brazil. This dam is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world and even though it is co-owned, Paraguay remains the largest maker and exporter of hydroelectric power.
  • Paraguay was a dictatorship from 1955 to 1989 and was ruled by Alfredo Stroessner. A constitution wasn't instituted until June of 1992.
  • Paraguay is a landlocked country (one of two in South America; the other is Bolivia) that is bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.
  • Some of Paraguay's economy is based on exporting goods to neighboring countries that are previously imported.
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