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Patriotic Trivia Games and Facts

For a more fun and meaningful Fourth of July celebration, or for any other occasion you feel patriotic, here are some patriotic trivia games and facts that will add stars to your party.

Patriotic Trivia Games and Facts

Patriotic Trivia Games and Facts

  • The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed in the state of Philadelphia
  • To declare the adoption of Independence, the Liberty bell was rung on the 8th of July 1776
  • The Liberty bell got its first crack after its very first ring.
  • The largest city of Independence is in Missouri.
  • Sweden, England, Norway, Denmark also celebrate the Fourth of July
  • 56 delegates from 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence. The majority of the delegates were from Philadelphia
  • No patriotic trivia games and facts list would be complete without addressing the symbol of America: the flag. Betsy Joss sewed the first American flag.
  • The American flag has 13 stripes, made up of seven red stripes and six white stripes. The 13 stripes represent the 13 colonies and the 50 stars represent the 50 states of America.
  • Francis Key is a poet responsible for writing America's national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."
  • John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson comprised the committee that decided to name the Bald Eagle is the America's national bird.
  • Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the US, celebrates his birthday on the Fourth of July.
  • Three presidents of the US died on the Fourth of July (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Moore)
  • Fourth of July was declared a national holiday on 1941.


Now that you have your patriotic trivia games and facts down, here are some great games to play.

Patriotic Treasure Hunt

First, divide into two teams. Prepare two sets of treasure maps for both teams, who must find items on a list. Items should represent or be related to Independence Day or patriotism in general. Examples of such items include representations of The Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, Rose, American Flag, Founding Fathers, The White House and Uncle Sam. These items should be arranged and scattered at different locations within your play venue. You can use clues and historical trivia to help teams reach their treasure. The American flag should be placed at the last location. The team that finds the flag first will win the game.

Fourth of July Song Trivia Quiz

Write different lyrics from patriotic songs in pieces of paper. Place them in a bowl and let people pick a piece of paper. The guest must name the title of the song whose lyrics are on the paper. Bonus points can be awarded to those who can also name the song artist. Examples of songs to use include:

  • "Thru the night with a light" - God Bless America by Irving Berlin
  • "…broad stripes and bright stars" - The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key
  • "We'll rally round the flag, boys"- Battle Cry of Freedom by George F. Root
  • "Mind the music and the steps"- Yankee Doodle by Richard Shuckburgh

Water Balloon Trivia Game

First, print and laminate lists of Fourth of July-related trivia questions including their respective answers. Each guest will need to have his or her own list. All questions must be different so that no two players will carry the same question on their lists.

Next, have plenty of water balloons ready, along with a pail or bucket-type container for each player. Use red, white, and blue balloons. Each player must have an equal number of balloons.

Give each player a trivia sheet along with a bucket of water balloons and ask each player to stand by his or her bucket. The first player can choose his opponent and ask a trivia question. If the opponent gives the wrong answer, the first player should throw him a water balloon. If the water balloon does not pop, the player at whom the balloon was tossed gets to include that balloon to his bucket. The player with the most number of whole balloons at the end of the game wins.

Other activity ideas

Try to do short skits or re-enactments of the Boston Tea Party, Revolutionary War, or the signing of the Declaration of Independence. You can also create a Liberty Bell piñata with red, white, and blue candies or create fortune cookies but instead of the usual fortune sayings, place patriotic trivia in the pieces of paper.

Each of these games and activities can help make your Fourth of July party a memorable and educational experience. Fun for kids and adults alike, the games and trivia are a great reminder that Independence Day is about more than just fireworks and barbeques.