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Little Known Black History Facts

Like many people, you are probably familiar with the well-documented information concerning black history, such as the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but there are also many little known black history facts equally important. These facts provide knowledge about the creation and establishment of some very common items everyone uses every day.

Little Known Black History Facts

African-American inventors and craftsmen created a number of tools and technological advancements, including blood banks, fire extinguishers and many other important lifesaving tools In many cases, African-Americans were often overlooked for accomplishments in the past.

Understanding Black History

In order to learn more about Black culture and history, it is very important to know about a variety of ways in which African-Americans have contributed to society. Of course, the struggle for civil rights is a very important part of Black History. It is actually one of the most important ways to acknowledge the contributions of African-Americans and their role in the establishment of equality for all people.

Such very prominent figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Josephine Baker and Justice Clarence Thomas are all known on some level as being very important as African-Americans. However, many people do not have a complete understanding of what some African-Americans have contributed to society on a smaller scale.

The establishment of Black History month originally began as Negro History Week in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson and was later celebrated in the month of February. The month of February was chosen to pay homage to Frederick Douglass, the leader of the abolitionist movement and Abraham Lincoln who was cited with ending slavery with Emancipation Proclamation. Douglass and Lincoln were both born in the month of February.

Since 1976, Black History month has been celebrated annually in both the United States and in Canada. In the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, it is recognized in October. Black History month was adopted as a mainstream entity in order to inform people of the many contributions made by African-Americans.

Little Known Black History Facts

A number of little known black history facts will surprise you. For example, the following is a listing of the variety of inventions made by African-Americans.

  • Garrett Augustus Morgan – he invented the 3 way automatic sign which was the precursor to the traffic light. Morgan sold his invention to General Electric.
  • George T. Sampson – invented one of the first clothes dryer. His invention used heat from a stove in order to dry the clothes.
  • Dr. Charles Drew – credited for being one of the first to discover a reliable method to store blood and basically created the blood bank.
  • Thomas J. Martin – patented the fire extinguisher.
  • Joseph Winters – created the first fire escape ladder.
  • John Love – invented the pencil sharpener.
  • C.B. Brooks – invented the first street sweeper.
  • L.P. Ray – invented the first dustpan.
  • Sarah E. Goode – created the a bed that could fold into a cabinet.

These are just a few examples of the different inventions African-Americans have made that improve lives.

Additional Black History Facts in Popular Culture

Just as there are numerous little known black history facts related to common items people utilize each day, there are just as many facts about popular culture. Popular African-American authors and writers such as Richard Wright and Langston are very well known. Their works have entered into the lexicon for literature in the United States and their books have become part of the required reading curriculums at many schools. Maya Angelou wrote I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which became the first non-fiction book to reach the best sellers list.

Popular African-American performers, such as Josephine Baker are known throughout the world. In addition, Marian Anderson was the first African-American to perform at the New York Metropolitan Opera. These are just a few examples of the interesting historical facts about Black History and culture.