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Evil Hamsters

Evil hamsters are great story fodder for everything from Japanese animation to Gameboy Advance games like Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

Evil Hamsters Will Rule the World

Evil Hamsters

In Hamtaro, the Ham-Ham (their word for hamsters) must battle Spat, the evil hamster. Spat is described as a hamster in a black devil costume. He carries a trident and destroys the relationships of different hamsters. The ham-hams have to band together to stop the evil hamsters like Spat.

Evil hamsters appear in Hot Dog and Bob Adventure 3. In this children's chapter book adventure, the characters face villainous plush hamsters that hypnotize.

Ready Freddy! Stop that Hamster features a boy named Freddy who gets to take a class hamster home for the weekend, unfortunately the hamster gets loose in his neat freak mom's house. While the hamster isn't exactly evil, the antics of evil hamsters and children collide.

Finding Evil Hamsters

Of course, with this kind of fodder, there are lots of evil hamsters in cyberspace. A google image search of evil hamster turns up a wild assortment of fluffy rodents ready to be your nemesis. Of course, if you are familiar with the original, and intensely irritating hamsterdance you already understand why people think hamsters are evil!

Why Hamsters?

Hamsters are a typically cute and fuzzy. From their appearance, hamsters seem the total antithesis of evil and yet, they remain rodents. Some breeds of hamster are actually quite aggressive. Creating evil characters from hamsters is a popular cartoon and video game mechanism. Hamsters make great characters in popular fiction whether film or literature. In the Disney film 'Bedtime Stories' a hamster named Bugsy is featured. Bugsy is the children's pet and earned his name because his eyes are all kinds of bugged out.

While Bugsy is not in the evil hamsters' category, he's full of character and a popular part of the film's mythos. They join Mickey Mouse in providing time-honored, rodent-based entertainment.

In the Disney film 'Bolt' another hamster makes an appearance. Rhino is completely crazy. He runs around manically in his hamster ball and he's very determined. His wild antics are made even wilder because of his size. The use of the hamster ball (a popular exercise and entertainment tool for hamster owners) is just a little creepy and funny for the children's film.

The use of a hamster is a great counterpoint to the more typical domesticated pets (cats, dogs) because hamsters can still be cute and cuddly while portrayed as evil. An evil dog is menacing and an evil cat is scary, but evil hamsters? They are cartoonish funny and entertaining. Making hamsters evil is a literary device that delivers a message while still entertaining small children.

Virtual Hamsters

For the Nintendo DS, Petz is a line of games that features 'evil hamsters' but in an entirely different context. In their Petz Hamsters 2 game children must take care of their pet hamsters, feed them, play with them, compete them and even accessorize them. They can also breed their hamsters together to raise new families of hamsters.

These evil hamsters involve kids in hours and hours of play. Just because they are cute doesn't mean they aren't evil.

By Heather Long