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Hamster Multi Level Cage

A hamster multi level cage not only gives a hamster a little more room to walk around; it can also give the hamster owner more opportunities to view and interact with his or her pet. Most multi level cages are either one level or two, though there are some cages that are considerably larger.

How a Hamster Multi Level Cage Works

Super Pet CritterTrail Two Level Habitat

A multi level cage consists of a main level on the bottom of the cage and one or more platforms above it that are smaller than the main level. The hamster is able to walk between levels using one or more of the following:

  • Ramps
  • Slides
  • Pipes
  • Ladders

Many multi level cages use a combination of two or more of these elements. Since hamsters, as well as mice and gerbils, naturally know how to climb, it is not difficult for them to access the different levels of the cage. It is important to fill the cage with an adequate amount of soft bedding though in case of an accidental slip.

Popular Multi Level Cages

Most pet stores that sell hamster supplies stock multi level cages. A few of the more popular ones are the following:

  • Super Pet Critter Trail 2 – This cage has two platforms, known as “comfort shelves,” that a hamster can access through climbing pipes that connect them to the bottom level. A third pipe leads to an additional floor at the top of the cage where a child can reach in and pet the hamster or give it a treat.
  • Super Pet Extreme My First Home– This cage has two levels: a basic one and a small platform with a food dish. They are connected via a ramp.
  • Here & There 3 Five Level Hamster Cage – This cage has a full five levels for the hamster to explore. It includes a central tube the hamster can use to access all five floors, a treat area, and a play area with a removable carrier and an exercise wheel.
  • Jill 42.2 Hamster Resort – This cage resembles a child’s playground with its mix of bright colors. It has three large levels that the hamster can access either by crawling through pipes or climbing up the sides of the cage. It also has a nesting area on the base level.
  • Biddie Buddies Palace Habitat - This cage resembles a fairy tale castle and allows the hamster to crawl through tubes to reach turrets and a special petting area that is designed to resemble a lookout tower. The “drawbridge” lifts up to allow a person to take the hamster in and out easily.

Problems with a Multi Level Cage

While a hamster multi level cage is certainly interesting to look at, it is not by any means a perfect solution for hamster housing. There are some problems that may come along with it:

  • Cleaning Issues – A multi level cage can be harder to clean than a traditional one simply because it has more parts. All the ramps, ladders, pipes and other add-ons have to be washed regularly.
  • Chewing Issues – A lot of multi level cages have plastic parts, which many curious and diligent hamsters can chew through without too much effort. To solve this problem, some manufacturers started using metal with a plastic coating on top of it.
  • Setup Issues – Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how all of the tubes, pipes and other attachments go together. If a person does not assemble the cage properly and there are gaps or poorly connected parts this could prove dangerous for the hamster inhabitant.

People putting their hamsters into multi level cages need to test each and every section of the cage to insure it is attached correctly and tightly before putting the hamster inside. If used properly, these cages can provide a fulfilling experience for both the hamster and the pet owner.