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Super Pet Hamster Cage

A lot of parents have likely heard of the Super Pet hamster cage. Super Pet makes bright, colorful cages that are designed to appeal to kids. The company offers several options for young hamster owners. Their cages run the gamut from simple one-story boxes to designer habitats with all kinds of bells and whistles.

Who Can Live in a Super Pet Hamster Cage

Super Pet Hamster Cage

While these cages are obviously designed for hamsters, they can also accommodate other small animals, sometimes referred to as “pocket pets,” such as mice and gerbils. Hamster cages are generally not large enough to accommodate rats or guinea pigs.

Types of Cages Available

There are three basic types of Super Pet hamster cage: one-story, two-story and three-story. All of these cages have a plastic base and a wire top and come with an exercise wheel that attaches to the side of the cage, a water dish and a food dish. A door on the side allows easy access to the pet.

Additional features are as follows:

One-story Cages

These cages measure approximately 11” long, 10” high and 13.5” wide. They are good starter cages since they are easy to transport and clean.

Two-story Cages

These cages have the same features as the one-story cage but also have a ramp that leads up to a “comfort shelf,” giving the animal more space and entertainment options. The length and width dimensions are the same, but the height is 14.5”.

Three-story Cages

The standard three-story cage stands at 20” in height. It has two ramps and two shelves. The second ramp connects the two shelves together, with one seated higher than the other.


Super Pet also makes cages that it dubs “Habitats.” These cages resemble a mini playground, like the ones you find at many fast food restaurants. They still have the basic plastic base and metal top of the more general cage, but they can also contain the following items, also made out of plastic:

  • Slides
  • Rotating ball-like exercise wheels
  • Tubes for the animal to crawl through
  • Burrowing mazes
  • Nesting areas
  • Petting areas
  • Ports to allow for expansion and connecting to other cages

The dimensions of these cages are similar to those of the traditional cages, but they can be made much larger by connecting them together or putting on a large number of attachments.

Where to Buy

It’s not hard to find a Super Pet cage. They are available at most large pet store chains, including PetSmart, Petco and Pet Depot, as well as some independent pet shops. People can also buy them online through the following websites:

Cage Care

It’s important to clean the hamster cage at least once a week to keep the hamster both healthy and happy. To do so, remove the hamster from the cage, placing it in another cage, a ball or a cardboard box with high sides. Pour out all of the bedding and remove all of the toys. Then clean both the top and bottom using warm water and nontoxic dish soap or a commercial cage-cleaning spray ( If the cage has a lot of tubes or other small areas, it can help to clean it with a wire brush or an old toothbrush. Leaving any areas unscrubbed can be detrimental to the animal’s health. Dry the cage with a towel or let it air dry. Do not add new bedding while the cage is still wet.

It’s important to get children involved in the cage cleaning process so that they start to feel responsible for their pet. If they can’t physically scrub the cage, they can help in other ways, such as pouring in new, clean bedding.