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English Family Crest

Most people do not know very much about the English family crest, although they may know it is an important part of the heraldic tradition within the United Kingdom today. In countries throughout Europe, there are many heraldic traditions that continue, even though the days of the Middle Ages and Crusades are long gone.

English Family Crest

Families like to be proud of their history and investigate their origins, learning how their family has changed over time. Traditions like this can be interesting to study, even if you are not personally related to anyone who is English or if you don’t know anyone who has a family crest that they treasure. You can learn more about the English family crest by continuing to read below about, where facts, information, and clues to the meanings behind these crest are explained.

What is a Family Crest?

A crest is something that is a heraldic symbol of you, your family, your station, and your history. It is something worn with pride at the top of a helmet, on shields, or elsewhere on heraldic badges and so forth. Many people are very proud of their family crests because they have great meaning to them. However, not many people in fact have true family crests – they have been fabricated by “historians” in order to make money off of gullible people who are interested in learning about their family’s history.

About the English Family Crest

Like many other traditions throughout Europe, the one involving family crests in England is very simple. Crests can symbolize family relations, or that one group of people was taken over by another and forced to use their crests. They, in turn, become special symbols of history and how power dynamics change over time.

What Does A Crest Mean?

These badges mean a lot for those who wear them. The symbols can be representative of nobility, power, and importance for those who choose to wear them. They often have symbols of strength, such as powerful animals, or bird wings, to show freedom and noble spirit. They might also have pictures that are more violent, such as those of people holding weapons, or pictures of weapons like swords and shields themselves.

Some crests are actually old and situated in tradition, while other crests are simply replicas of an older time when crests were much more prominent symbols in society. It can be an interesting project to design your own family crest, should your family not have one, or to reconstruct an actual crest that has existed for centuries and has significance for your family.

These crests symbolize allegiance to a certain group or to a family, and can be passed down through the ages to those in a family or by those who have usurped others, taking control of the other people and forcing them to switch crests.

The Design of A Crest

The colors of a crest might be important, or they might not be - it all depends on the kind of crest. However, there are many specialists that exist today that can help you understand your crest or the crest of other individuals and just what it means for you.

You can work with a specialist to determine what the meanings of the symbols are: these crests are designed in such a way that the meanings are somewhat universal, dealing with power and tradition and other poignant themes.

Further Research About Family Crests

Although these have existed for a long time, heraldic traditions are still a big part of research on older times today. The Middle Ages continue to thrill those interested in the Crusades, the battles, medieval culture, and other themes from this period. You can learn a lot about a family just by tracing symbols back over time and learning what they might mean.

For more information about these English family crest traditions, as well as other heraldic traditions, consider researching their origins in the Middle Ages, and tracing the tradition of your family back in time.