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What Did People in the Middle Ages Do for Fun

What did people in the Middle Ages do for fun? Today, when people think of doing things that are fun, they normally think of watching a movie or television, going to mall and hanging out, taking a car ride, or playing a video or computer game. However, the people of the Middle Ages did not have access to this sort of technology. Even without the technology we have today and the fact life was very hard for many people in the Middle Ages, there are still a number of ways these folks had fun.

What Did People in the Middle Ages Do for Fun

What Did People in the Middle Ages Do for Fun?

One of the things people of the Middle Ages enjoyed doing was writing poetry and other means of creative expression. They also enjoyed writing about theology, religion, philosophy, and life.

Another activity people of the Middle Ages found fun was to create forms of art. People of this time period enjoyed painting, sculpting, and drawing.

People used free time to be creative. One creative activity enjoyed primarily by women of the Middle Ages was sewing. Women produced complex tapestries and small intricate embroidery to create their own clothing and decoration. Pottery was another form of fun and creative expression.

Entertainers provided a great source of fun for people in the Middle Ages. Although hiring entertainers was usually reserved for those in the upper class and with money, jesters, mummers, minstrels, troubadours, acrobats, jugglers, and conjurers all provided hours of fun and merriment for the lucky lords and ladies who could afford to pay for them.

Hobbies and Activities

Some of the hobbies enjoyed in the Middle Ages are still activities enjoyed today in various forms. For example, many people in the Middle Ages had fun through singing and dancing. They enjoyed music immensely. While some would simply listen to the music for fun, others enjoyed being a part of a band.

Men and women alike in the Middle Ages enjoyed gardening, partly because it was a necessity of life and partly because it was fun. These people grew and harvested herbs, flowers, and other forms of vegetation as a means to pass the time. Fruits and berries were also popular items to grow and harvest by both the upper and lower classes.

Games and Sports

There were many other forms of fun people of the Middle Ages enjoyed, such as playing card games and board games. Some of these games, like chess and backgammon, are games we still play. Others were games of strategy, like Fox and Geese and the Philosophers. Still more of the early games played in the Middle Ages can be found in slightly altered variations in casinos today: hazard, for example, was an early version of the casino game craps.

Aside from board games, many people also participated in various sports and watched mock fights. The knights in particular would stage exciting tournaments that allowed them to show off skills they had perfected for years.

Still others enjoyed the fun they could have horseback riding and hunting. Other forms of fun included boating, fishing, bobbing for apples, wrestling, treasure hunts, puzzles, and gambling. And finally, another popular form of fun was also riddle making. This was popular at the time, especially by knights and nobles, because they believed that riddles kept the mind sharp.