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Celtic Birth Signs

Celtic birth signs are part of Celtic lunar astrology, which began with the Druids. There are 13 signs based on the lunar calendar. Read on to look into Celtic astrology and the Druid beliefs upon which it was based.

Celtic Birth Signs

Celtic Birth Signs

The Druids were a group of Celtic priests who practiced around 1000 BC and used a lunar calendar of 13 months with 28 days, and one intercalary day. The Druids also had sacred trees and 20 of them make up the Ogham alphabet. Celtic astrology is based on the lunar cycles and each one was assigned a tree sign, which is like a zodiac sun sign.

Each tree sign has a corresponding lunar month, letter of the Ogham alphabet, a gemstone, a Guardian Animal, a Celtic god or gods, and other things. Here are the Celtic Birth Signs or the Celtic Tree Sign Dates along with the tree, gemstone, and animal:

  • December 24 to January 20 = birch = crystal = stag
  • January 21 to February 17 = rowan = tourmaline or peridot = crane
  • February 18 to March 17 = ash = turquoise or coral = seal
  • March 18 to April 14 = alder = amethyst = bear
  • April 15 to May 12 = willow = moonstone = adder
  • May 13 to June 9 = hawthorn = lapis lazuli = bee
  • June 10 to July 7 = oak - diamond = otter
  • July 8 to August 4 = holly = ruby and bloodstone = cat
  • August 5 to September 1 = hazel = topaz and pearl = salmon
  • September 2 to September 29 = vine = emerald = swan
  • September 30 to October 27 = ivy = opal = goose
  • October 28 to November 24 = reed = jasper = owl
  • November 25 to December 23 = elder = olivine = raven

Here is a brief list of some of the characteristics for each sign:

  • December 24 to January 20: independence, integrity, pride, sensitive
  • January 21 to February 17: eccentric, patient, clever, leader
  • February 18 to March 17: spiritual, loving, sensitive, adaptable
  • March 18 to April 14: achieving, instinctual, brave, adventurous
  • April 15 to May 12: healing, life energy, resourceful, family oriented
  • May 13 to June 9: organization, analytical, charismatic, creative
  • June 10 to July 7: helpful, intuitive, optimistic, vision
  • July 8 to August 4: creative, sensual, loyalty, integrity
  • August 5 to September 1: wisdom, logic, clever, perceptive
  • September 2 to September 29: beauty, kind, love, serene
  • September 30 to October 27: vigilance, stamina, thrift, intellect
  • October 28 to November 24: wisdom, magnetism, imaginative, passionate
  • November 25 to December 23: perseverance, self-discipline, patient, crafty

History of Celtic Astrology

Now that you know a bit about the Celtic Birth Signs, you may be curious about how it all began. Celtic astrology was taken from many of the Druids' beliefs. Druids were very sensitive to natural as well as supernatural energies. They felt spirits lived in trees and these trees were bestowed certain spirits and attributes from the sun. They felt the sun was a symbol for the Supreme Being. So trees were sacred and possessed knowledge and wisdom.

The Druids used a tree to represent the Universe, with its roots in the earth and its branches in the heavens. Each lunar month was given a tree according to its magical attributes. Since they believed man descended from trees, the 20 main letters of the alphabet were fashioned after 20 sacred trees. Trees also represented the circle of life.

Celtic astrology is much like astrology based on the sun. They both agree the day you were born affects your personality and the way in which you act. A difference between the two is the Celts assigned a tree and an animal to each sign.