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Celtic Trinity Symbol

Are you wondering about the Celtic Trinity symbol? There are actually two Celtic symbols that symbolize the Trinity; the Shamrock and the Trinity Knot.

Celtic Trinity Symbol

One of the symbols used by the Celts to represent the Trinity is the Shamrock. Also called the Trefoil and the Cloverleaf, the Shamrock's three leaves were used by St. Patrick to show the Holy Trinity: the Father (God), the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Two legends explain the connection between St. Patrick and the Shamrock. One of them states St. Patrick stood on a mound of clover preaching to a crowd. As he was talking about the Trinity, he bent down and plucked a shamrock to illustrate the Trinity and the cross. According to the story, he converted many people to Christianity that day.

Another story claims St. Patrick planted clover all over Ireland in order to chase off snakes. According to the story, there are no snakes where trefoil is planted. This story may or may not be true, but there is a lot of clover in Ireland and there are no snakes.

Before Christianity came to Ireland, the Shamrock symbolized other three in one concepts, like the sky, sea, and earth, the stages of man, and the phases of the moon. In ancient times, it was used to ward off evil, and today, that same idea makes four leaf clovers lucky charms.

Trinity Knot

Another Celtic Trinity symbol is the Trinity Knot. It is also called the Triquetra or Triqueta, and is composed of three oval shaped circles that interconnect. It can symbolize the Trinity and is sometimes made with fish instead of circles. In ancient times, the symbol stood for the three parts of man: mind, body, and spirit, as well as the three divisions of the earth: earth, sky, and water.

To Wiccans and neopagans, the Triquetra represents the triple goddess with the aspects: maiden, mother, and crone. The Triquetra is a symbol of protection in the Wiccan religion. The Trinity Knot is also called a Trefoil Knot and is the simplest possible knot. Connecting the two loose ends of an overhand knot forms it and becomes a knotted loop.

Other Symbols

There are also many other Celtic symbols to know about in addition to the Celtic Trinity symbol. For example, Tetramorphs are also called the Four Evangelists. Originally, they were for celestial beings, which represented the four, fixed signs of the Zodiac. There was an eagle to represent Scorpio, an ox to stand for Taurus, a man that symbolized Aquarius, and a lion that stood for Leo. The four images also represented the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. At a later date, the symbol came to represent the four Apostles who wrote the gospels.

The major symbol of spirituality is the Celtic Tree of Life. Trees were very important to man as they gave him shelter, fuel for cooking and staying warm, and food. Trees were sacred and had magical powers to heal, give blessings, and carry messages to the gods. The Celts considered trees to be their ancestors, filled with wisdom and bridging the upper and lower worlds. The most sacred tree was the oak, and it was the tree that was the center of the earth.

Mistletoe is a revered symbol in Ireland. Since it had no roots to connect with the earth and grew in sacred trees, it was considered the plant of the sun. The most powerful mistletoe was found growing in a oak tree, because the mistletoe took power from the trees and the oak was the most sacred. Mistletoe was used in religious rites and for healing and protection. It was thought to retain love in a house so many people would put up fresh mistletoe every year. That is the origin of the "kissing under the mistletoe" tradition.