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Box Kite Plans

Many box kite plans are relatively simple to make with materials you can purchase at your local hardware store. Building kites is a popular pastime that doesn’t take up a lot of time for families to create during windy, summer days. Finding box kit plans online is your fastest and best option when deciding to build this kind of kite.

Box Kite Plans

What is a Box Kite?

A box kite, sometimes called a cat kite, is meant to fly high and is among the sturdiest kites you can make. Box kites are made with four struts and diagonal struts supporting the other four. The kite is basically three sections with the middle open and the two ends wrapped in material. Each section takes up a third of the kite. You can make box kites almost any size, though some of the best ones are about twice the size of the person using it.

Incidentally, an Australian created the box kit in 1893 to help him figure out how to make a manned flying device. With three or four box kites linked together, he attempted to use the lift possible with box kites to fly. He didn’t fly in the traditional sense, but he did manage to hoist himself 16 feet from the ground.

Box Kite Plans

  • The first place to look for box kite plans is Storm the Castle. The creators give you simple instructions and drawings on how to make a box kite. The makers of the box kit give you recommendations for materials you can use, a printable diagram of their kite, a list of materials, and a video tutorial of how to make the kite. This is a basic kite and a good start for beginners.
  • If you want a harder challenge, go to My Best Kite for plans. You can access step-by-step instructions for each box kit and view diagrams. The website also is a good resource for kites in general. Not only can you make the above mentioned box kites, but also kids’ kites, Chinese kites, and other types of unique kites. You can also learn how to properly tie knots and how to fly the kites. Want to show off your kite? Then check out the listings for festivals and events.
  • Kite Plans is a database with many plans, including box kites. Some of the plans are created by enthusiasts around the world. With that in mind, some may be in a different language, but if you have Internet Explorer or Chrome you should be able to translate it with ease. At this site, you’ll find box kit plans varying from easy to extremely difficult. Make sure you have enough experience to build the expert ones because they will take some time. If you want to move on from box kites, check out the various other types of kits you can build.
  • A fun site, because it’s an official NASA site, is NASA. The box kite listed on this page is geared towards K-12 students, but anyone can use it, especially beginners. Building the kite gives you additional instruction on aerodynamics and airplane fundamentals. You’ll learn a lot about surface air and creating a box kite that can change its flight pattern with subtle changes.


For your first few box kit building experiences, stick with simple box kites. Once you figure out the subtleties of kite making, you can move on to multi-sectional or larger box kites to create more interesting ones. If possible, find a kite club or someone in your area who has built kites and can offer you their instruction and expertise.