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Box Kite

Here is a box kite that is framed a little differently. It is not as strong as the regular four-sided frame, but it has the advantage of lightness, and is so constructed that the strength is where the strain comes most. It will fly well, but must be handled carefully while on the ground.

Box Kites

The central cut shows the framework of this kite so clearly that a lengthy explanation would be quite superfluous. In the detail drawings you may see how the joining is done. In Fig. 1 Y and Z are the thirty-two-inch sticks, X represents the twenty-inch pieces. Spruce or pine are the choice of materials, but anything will do in a pinch. Lightness and toughness are the qualities to look for. The sticks would be better to be one-quarter inch square, but of the lighter woods they may be one-half inch square.

Fig. 2 shows the notch cut in each long stick where they join each other to make the X-shaped end. The cross-sticks on the ends of the thirty-two-inch pieces are also notched as shown in the detail Fig. 3. Glue all joints and also secure them with small brads. The covering is of light muslin. When it is lashed on it will materially strengthen the frame. There is no certain way of attaching a bridle cord other than to be sure that C is longer than the other string so that the kite will tilt slightly upward. Rub linseed oil on the sticks and it will preserve them against splits and warping.