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How to Make a Kite

Do you know how to make a kite? All you need to make a basic kite is wooden sticks for the frame, material for the cover, string, and ribbon. Different things can be used for these parts. Read on to get instructions of how to make a kite and information about various materials to use.

How to Make a Kite

How to Make a Kite

Even though kites are not really expensive, it can be a lot of fun learning how to make a kite. This kite needs a frame, bridle, cover, a flying line, and a tail. Following are the instructions on how to make a simple, diamond shaped kite.


  • Sticks: This, lightweight wooden sticks are best. You may want to use dowel rods.
  • Cover: This can be paper, plastic, cloth, or even a garbage bag.
  • String: You will need this to fly the kite and tie it together.
  • Adhesive: This can be tape or glue.
  • Knife or small saw: This is used to cut a notch in the sticks.


  • Cut one stick 16 inches long and the other 24 inches long.
  • Make a little mark on the long one 8 inches in from the tip, and the short one in the middle.
  • Cut a notch at the end of both sticks for the string to run through.
  • Put the two sticks together at the marks, making a cross shape, and tie them together securely with string.
  • Take string and secure it to the end of one stick, wrapping it around to secure it. Now run the string around to the edges of each stick through the notches. To make a good kite, this string needs to be very tight, but not enough to bow the sticks. However, if you are using flexible sticks, they may bow just a bit and that is OK. Secure each end with tape or glue for extra strength.
  • Lay the frame on the material you have chosen and cut the material to the shape of the frame, leaving 1 to 1½ inches extra to fold over. Fold the material over the string and secure with tape of glue, making sure the material is tight. Make sure you use enough glue to attach the material to itself and the string.
  • Next you need to make a bridle to attach the kite string, or reel, too. Tie a piece of string to each end of the shorter stick that is just a little bit longer than the stick. Do the same for the longer stick, and find where the two strings intersect. Take a small piece of string and tie the two strings together. This is where you will attach the kite line.

Now you are almost done making your kite. Make a 6 foot tail for your kite with cloth, string, or vinyl ribbon and attach it at the bottom of the long stick. Just about any kind or ribbon or string will work. Tie pieces of ribbon to it every 4 inches or so. Another option is to just secure several pieces of ribbon to the bottom of your kite. Be sure and take extra ribbon with you when you fly your kite to help balance your kite and keep it flying straight, and something to cut it with if it needs to be shortened.

Now you can decorate your kite, attach the kite string to the bridle, and wait for a windy day.

Tips on Making a Good Kite

Here are a few tips on making your kite fly well and making it safely:

  • When your kite is finished, hold it up by the string to see if it is balanced. If not, you can add more material to either side.
  • Always cut away from you.
  • Spray adhesive works well to repair paper kites.