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Kite Designs

Kites have come a long way since the traditional diamond shape design that most people associate with kites. In fact, there are dozens of different designs and styles for kites, and you don't have to be a kid to appreciate the fun and skill it takes to keep some of them airborne.

Kite Designs

History of the Kite

The kite is another clever invention for which China gets to take credit. The kite is believed to be the invention of two famous fifth century Chinese philosophers named Mozi and Lu Ban. Great kite building materials were available in China, such as silk fabric, high tensile strength silk line for flying, and bamboo, a strong yet lightweight frame building material.

Early Chinese kites were flat and often rectangular. Decorations such as mythological motifs and legendary figures often appeared on these kites. Other embellishments included strings and whistles to make musical sounds when they were flown.

The love of kite flying has now spread across the globe. People of all ages and cultural backgrounds love flying or sometimes just watching these colorful, tethered aircraft.

Popular Kite Designs

You really don't have to be the one flying a kite to enjoy how beautiful and amazing some kites look when they are diving and soaring through the sky. Sometimes it's easy to forget there is a string attached to a human.

Box and Cellular Kites

Box kites and cellular kites have amazing three-dimensional designs. They typically have good flight stability because of their multiple surfaces. These types of kites perform best under windy conditions.

Single Line Delta Kites

This aerodynamic, triangular-shaped kite is great for kids and beginners. These kites perform well in light to medium winds. The kite has a single tow point connection for the flying line. They are easy to put together and fairly simple to fly.

Power Stunt Kites

These large, powerful kites can have two or four flight lines and are built for power and speed. They often have a crescent shape and will give you a great workout. Most of these kites are designed for the expert adult kite flyer to use as it takes some strength to fly them. However, there are training kites designed for beginners.

The four line stunt kites, known as quad line stunt kites, are designed for extreme sports and fall mainly into two categories: ram-air airfoils and framed. Ram-air airfoils are used for kite sports such as kite buggying, snow kiting, kite landboarding, and kiteboarding. Framed kites are used for recreational and trick flying.

Rokkaku Kites

Rokkaku kites are very stable fliers that are traditional Japanese kites flown in aerial kite battles. Flyers of these kites form teams that try to knock their opponents out of the air. This is often a popular event at kite festivals in other countries as well. Rokkaku kites are very stable fliers.

Parafoil and Sled Kites

Parafoil and sled kites are sometimes referred to as "soft kites" because they have no rigid framing. They maintain their shape in flight by the wind filling their airfoil chambers. This design allows the kites to be packed down to small convenient sizes great for traveling.

Delta Conye Kites

Also known as Box Delta kites, these easy-to-fly kites are great for light to medium winds. The kite's design combines the lifting advantage of Delta kites combined with the stability of box kites. This style of kite is another one that is good for kids and beginner kite flyers.

Lifelike Bird Kites

Just like the name implies, lifelike bird kites look just like the birds they are designed after, such as the osprey, seagull, Canada goose, snow goose, and eagle. These extremely realistic looking kites even have lifelike wing flapping action in flight. These kites can attract other birds of the same species or scare away smaller prey birds. These kites require some assembly.

Serpents and Dragon Kites

These simple kites are also some of the most visually stunning when they fly. The kites are primarily comprised of a head and long flowing tail. There is no assembly required for this type of kite, which is ready to fly right out of the package.

Diamond Kites

Last but certainly not least, is the traditional diamond kite. Yes, the diamond design is still around, however, modern diamond kites are available in a wide variety of colorful styles. The diamond design still flies easily in most weather conditions.

Where to Buy

You can find fun kites to fly at the following online retailers:

Remember that you don't have to be a kid to have a passion for kite flying. Today's modern kite designs are geared towards healthy, fun recreation for adults as well. Kite flying is a great outdoor pastime that the whole family can enjoy.