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Large Plane Kite

The wood used for the framework should be straight grained laths planed on all sides. For the main beams of the front section and the top and bottom of the rear section the laths are ripped in two; for the uprights and connecting pieces they were cut in three pieces lengthwise.

Large Plane Kite

Begin by making the main section, Fig. 3, which is composed of three planes. Eight sticks two feet long are used for uprights, and six sticks four feet long for the main beams. They are nailed together with small brads. The corner joint is shown at Fig. 2. The two ends are made first, using two sticks two feet long and two fourteen inches long. Connect these by the four four-foot beams. This gives the framework for the top and bottom planes. Then halfway between the two the middle one is built in. Now sixteen inches from the ends of each plane the uprights are fastened. This is clearly shown by the diagram, Fig. 3.

The wire skids shown in the picture to protect the kite in running to fly it or in landing should be put in now. For the rear section we use six pieces fifty-seven and one-half inches long, four pieces two feet long, and six pieces fourteen inches long. As laths are only forty-eight inches long, they will have to be spliced by overlapping and nailing. The back end should be framed first as in the case of the main section. The dimensions are given and the manner of joining is the same as for the part already described.

When this rear section is built it must be attached to the front section. When they have been joined, each cell or square is braced with fine wire fastened from corner to corner. For a covering use strong muslin. It is laced and sewed on, first the middle planes and then the outside. The bridle cord is fastened to the ends of the middle cord. Where the strings come together should be a distance of three feet from the frame. For flying the kite strong fish-line is required. You will be repaid many fold for the labor of making it when you see it up in the air like a real airplane and feel the mighty tug at the cord. The kite, though large, is simple, serviceable, and efficient.