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Prism Kites

Anyone who is familiar with the world of kite flying will recognize the name Prism Kites. This company has been making quality kites with cutting-edge technology and materials since the early 1990s. Founded by Mark Reed and his childhood friend, Scobie Puchtler, Prism Kites has become a world leader in the manufacturing of stunt kites, power kites, single line kites and speed foils.

Prism Kites

The Technology behind Prism Kites

What sets Prism Kites apart from other kite brands is the technology that goes into the materials and design. Prism starts with ultra-light fabrics like those originally used in racing sails. Made from nylon and polyester, this ultra-thin, lightweight fabric helps Prism kites reach speeds exceeding 60 mph.

Kite frames made from carbon and fiberglass composites produce extremely light yet incredibly strong frames that are also flexible and durable. CAD modeling is used to produce highly specialized fittings that are strong, flexible and designed for superior performance.

Prism Stunt Kites

Prism makes 11 different models of stunt kites perfect for sport kite flying competitions and trick flying. The Quantum Pro was designed for the USA sport kite world champions, Team Cutting Edge, who used this kite to win the world championship in 2005 and 2006. For the ambitious stunt kite enthusiast, Prism makes two five stack stunt kites, the Nexus 5 stack and the Micron 5 stack. Prism's newest stunt kite is the Zephyr, which features a removable spine weight that allows you to change the balance point for different wind speeds and flying styles.

Prism Power Kites

Power kites are used for extreme sports such as buggying, snow kiting, kite surfing, kite skating and landboarding. Prism makes three different power kites, the Tensor 3.1, the Tensor 4.2 and the powerful Tensor 5.0, with a pull that will have you air born in no time.

Prism Single Line Kites

Prism offers eight different designs for their single line kites, made for the recreational kite flyer. One of the coolest new designs is the colorful flip kite. This unique kite spins as fast as 200 RPMs as you fly it. You'll feel it pulsing as the colors spin in a kaleidoscope effect.

Prism has three different box kites, called EO (Expandable Object) kites. The EO6 is the most popular size and this amazing, three-dimensional kite is designed to pop open and fly without any assembly required. Prism's Stowaway kites conveniently fold into small carrying cases, so you can easily put them in a backpack, book bag, briefcase or purse. The Triad is a great kite for beginners and kids who want to practice trick flying with a kite tumbles, dives and dances with the appropriate tug on the string.

Learn More About the World of Kite Flying

Visit the Pilot's Lounge on Prism's website to learn tips and tricks for basic kite flying as well as maneuvers for stunt kite flying. Here you will learn the best possible places to fly kites and what type of places to avoid. You can also get tips on launching, pull turns, push turns, combination turns, different landing styles and much more. See video clips of stunt flying and connect with other kite enthusiasts in Prism's forum.

By Michelle Radcliff