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Blowline on a Bight Knot

The "Bow-line on a Bight" is just as easily made and is very useful in slinging casks or barrels and in forming a seat for men to be lowered over cliffs, or buildings, or to be hoisted aloft aboard ship for painting, cleaning, or rigging.

Bowline on a Bight illustration

How to Tie a Bowline on a Bight Knot

Video: Bowline on a Bight Knot

Learn how to tie a bowline on bight knot.

Bowline on a Bight tying illustration

  1. Fold your rope in half.
  2. Make a loop in one side of the rope.
  3. Feed the other end through the loop.
  4. Pull the pulled through loop over the top and behind the large loop.
  5. Pull tight.