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Overhand Knot

The overhand knot is used at the end of ropes to prevent their unraveling and as the commencement of other knots such as a simple noose, overhand loop, angler's loop, fisherman's knot and a water knot. It is a very secure knot and should be used when you want a knot that is permanent.

Overhand Knot illustration

While it seems so simple this knot is important, as it is frequently used in fastening the ends of yarns and strands in splicing, whipping, and seizing.

How to Tie an Overhand Knot

Video: Overhand Knot

Learn how to tie an overhand knot.

Overhand Knot tying illustration

  1. Make a loop with your rope
  2. Take one end of your rope and stick it through the loop you just made.
  3. Pull both ends of the rope tight.