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Racking Seizing Knot

The Racking Seizing Knot is very undesirable to have wire rigging combined with plates or screws for setting it up, as in case of accident, such as that of the mast going over the side, a shot or collision breaking the ironwork, the seamen are powerless.

Rack Seizing Knot illustration

How to Tie a Rack Seizing Knot

Rack Seizing Knot tying illustration

  1. A running eye having been spliced round one part of the rope, the line is passed entirely round the other part, crossed back round the first part, and so on for ten to twenty turns, according to the expected strain, every turn being hove as tight as possible.
  2. Round turns are passed to fill the spaces at the back of each rope, by taking the end a over both parts into the hollow at 'b', returning at 'c', and going over to 'd'.
  3. When it reaches e a turn may be taken round that rope only, the end rove under it, and a half hitch taken, which will form a clove hitch.
  4. Knot the end and cut it close.
  5. When the shrouds are wire and the end turned up round a dead eye of any kind, wire seizings are preferable.