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Sheepshank Knot

Sheepshanks are widely used for shortening rope, especially where both ends are fast, as they can be readily made in the centre of a tied rope. There are several forms of these useful knots.

Sheepshank Knot illustration


How to Tie a Sheepshank Knot

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Learn how to tie a Sheepshank Knot.

Sheepshank Knot tying illustration

  1. Make a long bight in a topgallant back-stay, or any rope which it is desirable to shorten, and taking a half hitch near each bend, as at a. 
  2. Rope yarn stops at b, which is desirable to keep it in place till the strain is brought on it.
  3. Wire rope cannot be so treated, and it is injurious to hemp rope that is large and stiff.