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Shroud Knot

The common shroud knot is made by opening up the strands of a rope's end as for a short splice and placing the two ends together in the same way. Then single "wall" the strands of one rope around the standing part of another against the lay, taper the ends, and tuck and serve all with yarn or marline.

Shroud Knot illustration

How to Tie a Shroud Knot

Shroud Knot tying illustration


  1. Pass a stop at such distance from each end of the broken shroud as to afford sufficient length of strands, when 'b' is unlaid, to form a single wall on each side after the parts have been married.
  2. It will then appear as represented in 'd' the figure above, the strands having been well tarred and well taut separately.
  3. The part a provides the knot on the opposite side and the ends 'b'; the part 'c' provides the knot and the ends 'd'.
  4. After the knot has been well stretched the ends are tapered, laid smoothly between the strands of the shroud, and firmly served over. This knot is used when shrouds or stays are broken.