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Single Wall Crowned Knot

The simplest of the fancy knots is known as the Single Crown Knot. To form this knot unlay the strands of a new, flexible rope for six to eight inches and whip the ends of each strand, as well as the standing part, to prevent further untwisting.

Single Wall Crowned Knot illustration

How to Tie a Single Wall Crowned Knot

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Learn how to tie a Single Wall Knot.

Single Wall Crowned Knot tying illustrationSingle Wall Crowned Knot tying illustration

  1. Unlay the strands at the end of a rope.
  2. Lay the strand 'a' down over the center of the rope.
  3. Bring strand 'b' down over 'a'.
  4. The bring strand 'c' over 'b' and through the bight of 'a'.
  5. Haul the ends taught.