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Square Knot

The Square Knot is used to tie two ropes of similar size together. The load baring ends are on one side.

Square Knot tying illustration

How to Tie a Square Knot

Video: Square Knot

Learn how to tie a Square Knot.

Square Knot tying illustration

You cannot make a mistake in tying the square knot if you remember to notice which end is on top, or laps over the other rope when the first single tie is made, and then be sure to lap this same end over the other end in making the second tie which finishes the knot.

  1. Begin the square knot with the single first tie. You see the end X turns up over the other rope while the end O laps under the rope.
  2. Now bring the two ends together, lapping X over O.
  3. Then pass X back under O, making the single tie once more.
  4. Draw the square knot tight and it should look like the last image above.

Notice in the drawing that the ends of rope X are both over the right-hand bight, and the ends of rope O are both under the left-hand bight.