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Two Half Hitches Knot

Two half-hitches, either around a post or timber or around the standing part of the rope, make an ideal and quickly tied fastening. After a little practice you can tie this knot almost instantly and by merely throwing a couple of turns around a post, two half-hitches may be formed instantly. This knot will hold forever without loosening, and even on a smooth, round stick or spar it will stand an enormous strain without slipping.

Two Half Hitches Knot illustration

How to Tie a Two Half Hitches Knot

Video: Two Half Hitches Knots

Learn how to tie a two half hitches knot.

Two Half Hitches Knot tying illustration

  1. Pass the end of the rope through a ring or around a pole.
  2. Pass it behind the remaining end of the rope.
  3. Bring the end back up and pass it through the eye you just formed.
  4. Pull tight to complete the half hitch.
  5. Pass the end of the rope begind the remaining rope again.
  6. Bring the end back up and through the loop just formed.
  7. Tighten.