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Are you interested in the United States military and wondering where you could find a military medals chart? There are hundreds of different medals in the military and a chart can help you learn more about them. So, where can you find a military medals chart and what are some different types of military medals?

Where Can You Find a Military Medals Chart?

Military Medals Chart

Your best bet to locate a military medals chart is by searching for it on your internet browser. One great resource is the Military Wives website. The site has a list of important medals along with a picture of each medal. For example, the website shows what such medals as a Silver Star, the Distinguished Service Cross, and a Medal of Honor look like.

Google Images also offers an array of different charts to browse through and examine the different medals. This collection not only shows military medal charts, but also charts of different ribbons in the military.

What Are Some Different Types of Medals?

Perhaps the most prestigious medal is the Medal of Honor. The design for the Medal of Honor changes depending upon what branch of the military you are in. For example, in the Army, the Medal of Honor is a gold star that is surrounded by a green wreath. In the center of the star, the words “United States of America” are printed and above the star the word “Valor” appears. The recipient’s name is also printed on each star. Individuals receive the Medal of Honor if they risk their lives above and beyond the call of duty with courage.

The Distinguished Service Medal, in the Army, has a design of a Coat of Arms of the United States that is bordered by a circle of dark blue. The medal is awarded for “extraordinary meritorious service in a duty of great responsibility.” The Medal is usually awarded to individuals in the Armed Services, but people in other United States military divisions have also received it.

The Silver Star is given to individuals who have been noted for “gallantry in action.” The award must be given to individuals who were involved in conflict against a foreign force that was an enemy of the United States or to individuals involved with friendly allies against an opposing military in which the United States is not a confrontational party.

The Bronze Star Medal has “heroic or meritorious achievement” engraved on it. The medal is awarded for any individual who was serving with the United States military after December 6, 1941, who distinguished himself or herself with bravery or noteworthy service, with the exception of aerial flight.

The Air Medal is a bronze compass rose that has a two-inch diameter. The medal has an eagle with two bolts of lightning in the talons that is flying downward in attacking flight. The medal is awarded to those who serve with the Army and have distinguished themselves from their comrades by meritorious achievement while in an aerial flight.

The Purple Heart is a heart that is embroidered with gold. Inside the heart, there is a picture of George Washington. The heart is usually awarded to individuals who have suffered significant injuries in the course of duty or to soldiers who have died after being wounded while in duty.

The Army Commendation Medal is a bronze hexagon with a picture of an American eagle. On the back of the medal, the words “For Military Merit” are engraved. The medal is given to any member (with the exception of General Officers) of the Armed Forces who distinguishes him or herself by heroism or meritorious achievement. It includes acts that do not quite make the requirement for a Soldier’s Medal, including heroic or meritorious acts that occur not in combat.