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Funny Pirate Names

Funny pirate names give you a chance to indulge in a bit of harmless fun, whether you are putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume or getting ready to celebrate International Talk like a Pirate Day. You can test the boundaries of your humor and imagination while brainstorming a name.

Funny Pirate Names

Pirate Origins

Of course, the true pirates of yore were anything but funny. Theirs was a life of plundering, violence, and crime. Yet, somehow their lifestyle became popular as others envied their freedom of the sea and traveling.

Piracy has existed since man took to the water. The loneliness of the open seas provided the necessary setting to rob other vessels without witnesses. The mere mention of a pirate's name could invoke fear. With names like Blackbeard, Redbeard, "Calico Jack" John Rackham, and "Roaring" Dan Seavey, travelers of the seas had reason to worry.

Fictional Pirates

Fictional pirates have provided some of the quintessential pirate lore and the basis for funny pirate names. Robert Louis Stevenson introduced millions of readers to the life of pirates, giving the world a sampling of pirate talk.

With ( quotes such as "Avast, there!") and "Shiver my timbers," the language of pirates became the stuff of legends. Who can forget such legendary pirates like Long John Silver and Captain Hook? The lore of the pirate will continue to fascinate readers for many years to come.

Pirates Today

While you may read about pirates occasionally in the news, the pirates we tend to think of are a romanticized version of the marauders of yesteryear. They are part of our Halloween celebrations and other costumed affairs. Modern movies have given audiences the sexy image of Errol Flynn and the dark eyes of Captain John Sparrow.

These images lure viewers into the world of pirates, creating a desire to join their ranks. If you want to create a sexy image of a confident man or woman, don your sword and grab your parrot. It's time to think of your own pirate name.

Funny Pirate Names

If you are looking for your own pirate name but cannot come up with one, you will find plenty of online resources. Some sites generate random names which may or may not be amusing. Other sites will put you through a series of questions so your pirate name is more fitting.

The double entendre reigns supreme in the pirate world. To add a bit of adult humor to your pirate name, you can add a sexy twist sure to make your name memorable. Some online pirate name generators include:

Fictional Pirate Names

Literature also provides a bounty of pirate names for plenty of inspiration. How about Captain Walker D. Plank or Captain Pugwash? There's always Gunpowder Gertie or Guybrush Threepwood. Of course, you can always come up with your own pirate name.

How does The Fear of the Serpent, Buccaneers Servant, Satan's Doom, or the Insanity of Atlantis sound? Think about the characteristic you associate with pirates and take it from there. You may think of pirates as brave or stealthy. You may lean toward the darker side of pirates as evil or cruel or perhaps the sexy image of movies sways you to think of a pirate as a rogue.

While you may first associate piracy as a strictly male occupation, history and literature give several female pirate names such as Queen Anne's Revenge and Charlotte de Berry. You can also take up the challenge to name your own female warrior. Think of Stabber Stella or Iva Gott Scurvey. You can even give your pirate a bit of an edge with a name like Plundering Crabby Phyllis, Bloodbath Betty, or Dirty Bess Rackham.

Funny pirate names tap into the imagination, creating a world of dark mystery and adventure. Your funny pirate name can be silly or it can have a tinge of truth in it. It is your passport to life on the high seas.