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Build a Pirate Ship for Kids

Kids will always be fascinated with boats and pirate ships in particular, so to build a pirate ship for kids can be a real thrill. Just the thought of ocean voyages, treasure maps, gold coins spilling out of treasure chests, and scary pirates gives them a sense of adventure. Why not help them turn their fantasies into reality? Working together you will create a bonding moment for you and your kids.

Pirate Ship for Kids

How to Build a Pirate Ship for Kids

Making a pirate ship need not be expensive. In fact, you do not need to buy anything for this project. All of these materials can be found in your kitchen and crafts corner. With a lot of imagination and creativity, your kids will be enjoying their pirate ships in no time and imagining life on the high seas.

Soda Bottle Pirate Ship

For this project, you will need an empty 1-1.5 L soda bottle, an empty milk carton, two plastic straws, a cut-out cone from an empty egg carton, a cup of sand, scissors, a popsicle stick, a sheet of a paper, and watercolor paint.

Start with the flag since it will require some drying time. Cut out a rectangular from your sheet of paper. Design and paint it as you wish. One common design is a solid black flag with a white skull and bones. You can also search the Internet for available sketches and images ready to paint. Allow the paint to dry.

To make the body of the pirate ship, cut out a rectangular hole from the side of the soda bottle. Fill the hole with the cup of sand. Next, cut the bottom portion of the milk carton and insert it in the rectangular hole of the bottle. This will serve as the ship’s cabin.

Use the pair of scissors to create two holes above the cabin. The size of the holes should be big enough to accommodate the two straws but small enough for them to be secure in place. Insert the two straws in the holes.

Next, make the sails. Use a blank sheet of short bond paper and cut lengthwise in the center. Make holes in the center of the sheet of paper where the straws can pass through.

Place the cone form the egg carton and make a hole in its bottom. Allow a straw to pass through the hole and secure it in place using tape. Use tape to stick your flag to the Popsicle stick. Now your plastic bottle pirate ship is ready to sail!

Milk Carton Pirate Ship for Kids

To build a pirate ship for kids from a milk carton, you will need two milk cartons, two straws, clay, construction paper (three colors), scissors, paste, glue, tape and markers.

Lay the empty milk carton on its side and wrap construction paper halfway up the carton. Take another sheet of construction paper, preferably of a different color, and wrap or cover the upper portion of the milk carton. Leave an inch of the construction paper above the carton.

Place two blobs of clay at the middle of your ship.

Take your second milk carton and cut two to three inches off its bottom. Tape and secure it on the center of the ship, covering the clay. This will serve as the ship’s cabin. Using a pencil, create two holes above the two blobs of clay. Insert the two straws through the holes you’ve made above the center of the carton.

For the sails, cut two large rectangles from your sheets of construction paper. Using your scissors, make two holes in each of the rectangles you’ve cut. Like skewers, allow the rectangles to pass through the straws.

Using black markers, draw round windows around the ship. Stick circle cutouts to serve as portholes.

To help set the mood, let your children dress up in their favorite pirate costumes. Let them wear a hat, an eye-patch, a hook, and even lay a parrot on their shoulder. For the ultimate pirate adventure, invite some kids over for a real treasure hunt in your backyard. You can even send out treasure maps as invitations!