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Clip Art of a Pirate Ship

If you are interested in creating a pirate themed project of any type, then you should consider clip art of a pirate ship. The pirate theme is very popular for a number of reasons.

Clip Art of a Pirate Ship

Some people are simply pirate enthusiasts who enjoy surrounding themselves in pirate related items such as pictures of old pirate ships. Others may be interested in pirate items for a performance or to add as decoration for a room. There are so many ways that a pirate theme can be incorporated into you workings. Clip art is a great way to add images to a document or to create images that can be used for other purposes such as wall decoration for a party. Pirate themed clip art is readily available and comes in different styles.

Word Processing Clip Art of a Pirate Ship

Clip art of a pirate ship can be located in a number of places. Many begin searching for these types of clip art images within their word processing software. Many of the popular word processing software such as Microsoft Word have an extensive collection of clip art images. In order to find pirate themed clip art images of most interest to you, it is best to conduct a search within the Word program.

Newer versions of Word allow you to search for the clip art type and choose which types of results are returned. The results can include illustrations, photos, videos and audio if so desired. In addition, at, there are a wide variety of images related to the pirate theme.

The major advantage of utilizing clip art from word processing software is the large variety of images that can be obtained for free. By conducting a simple search, you will have access to images that include pirate smiley faces, images of cartoon pirates, images of ships and even images of treasure chests and treasure maps. Thus, word processing software is a great tool for those interested in finding pirate ship clip art.

Additional Sources of Pirate Clip Art

In addition to word processing programs, there other sources with which you can locate clip art of a pirate ship and other pirate related items. There numerous websites, which specialize in offering, clip art images that can be used for a variety of purposes.

One very popular website is I Clip, which offers over 7 million clip art images. This particular site is a paid site, which means you will have to pay for various clip art images available via this website. At this particular site, you can opt to pay per image or you can obtain a subscription that allows you to download as many images as you desire for a certain period of time. Upon conducting a search of the site, you will find a number of clip art images of pirate ships. They are available in different styles such as pirate ships that have canons. There are also clip art pieces that include various cartoon-like images of ships as well as photo like versions of pirate ships.

An additional website that can be utilized for pirate ship clip art includes Kids Turn This website has a number of clip art images related to the pirate theme. Many of them are fun, kid-oriented images perfect for children’s crafts.

Free Clipart Images and Terms of Usage

Oftentimes you may see a clip art image or any other type image of a pirate ship and desire to utilize it for you own purposes. In fact, you may have right clicked on an image and saved it for future use. However, it is very important to note that you must follow copyright and terms of usage stipulations in regards to these images. Websites that offer free clipart are a perfect resource for images that can be utilized anywhere. However, if you are interested in using images found on another type of website, it is very important to understand any copyright or usage agreements for those images to avoid possible copyright image infringement.