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Historical Pirate Ship Names

Children who are fascinated with the pirate phenomenon in pop culture over the last decade might be interested in knowing a little bit about historical pirate ship names and the names of people who drove these ships and boats.

Pirate Ship

Why Learn about Historical Pirate Ships?

Pirate focused films, including Pirates of the Caribbean, has sparked a new passion for young people to care about pirates and their history. It is understandable that people today are intrigued by the highly romanticized image and history of pirates. Learning more about pirates can help a student with an essay or with plans for a pirate-themed party or event. Keep reading for more information about historical pirate ship names, and why some pirates christened their ships with specific names.

Some of the intrigue about historical pirate ships comes from the mystery of the adventurous life on the high seas. While historians still speculate on how pirates managed the seas, where they buried their treasure, and how they ran their ships. Diaries, journals, and documents left from the days of pirates on the high seas don’t reveal all the facts.

Pirates seem to embody the idea of adventure. By learning about how pirates traveled all over the world, you can understand a little bit more about what life was like for these pirates out on the seven seas. What’s more, some of these pirate ship names are very interesting. The reckless, plundering pirates who ruled the oceans were creative and sarcastic in the naming of their ships. These names reveal how rebellious these pirates were, and often they indicate just how these strong pirates were.

Kinds of Pirate Ships

There are many kinds of pirate ships, and over time they were classified into certain types of ships. Smaller ships included the Bark, the Caravel, and the Brigantine. These held smaller crew compliments, often manned by only a few sailors. Carracks and Dhous were the ships that looked the largest of the other ships and could hold a larger crew.

Some people think a Man-o-War ship is the name of a specific pirate’s ship, but in truth it is the name for a kind of sturdy, strong pirate ship. A Man-o-War was a large ship favored by many of the most prominent pirates.

Historical Pirate Ship Names

Some of history's most infamous pirates had control over very famous ships. For example:

  • The Blanco ship was controlled and maintained by a captain name LeBour.
  • Sir Francis Drake was the ship captain of the Golden Hind.
  • Black Joke was owned by Benito de Solo.
  • Adventure was owned by the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

Other names seem to be more politically targeted:

  • Queen Anne’s Revenge and Royal Fortune were two historical pirate ship names.

Some names, such as Bravo and Triumphant, showed how proud pirates were of their accomplishments at sea. For example:

  • Soldado (which means soldier) and Sea King were names of famous pirate ships that showed the hubris and pride Pirates had in themselves and their plunder.

The names of pirate ships show just how tough, strong, and adventurous these pirates from centuries ago actually were, although scholars and historians can’t know exactly how these individuals lived; they do know the names of the historical pirate ships that sailed the seven seas.