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How to Make a Pirate Hat

Are you wondering how to make a pirate hat? Pirate costumes are very popular themes for birthdays and Halloween parties, whether you are a kid, or a kid at heart.

Pirate Hat

The mysterious, gothic, almost menacing look of a pirate is actually very easy to pull off with the right makeup and accessories, but one of the basics of pirate costume is the hat, so you need to know how to make a pirate hat. Fortunately, you need not buy a hat as it is very easy to make your own with just simple materials you may already have at home. Here are the steps on how to make a pirate hat using different types of materials.

How to Make a Pirate Hat Out of Newspaper

To make a pirate hat out of newspaper, begin by folding a sheet of newspaper in half. Make sure the first page is the visible one. You must be able to see the whole page. Turn the sheet of newspaper to make its long side horizontal. Fold the two corners at the top until just two inches away from the bottom of the sheet. The two corners should meet at the middle. This should create a large triangle that has a flap in its bottom.

Next, fold the top portion of the flap. Take the flap’s other side and fold it towards the opposite side of the hat. Fold the hat in the center, creating a line coming from the large triangle until the hat’s bottom. Open the hat again so you can see the two portions separated by the fold you’ve made.

Wear the hat and see how it fits. One side of the hat’s triangle should be facing forward. Use you hands to mold the hat so it follows the shape of your crown. Slightly pull the back portion of the hat downward so it covers the neck.

Whether the hat will be worn by a child or an adult, be sure the hat fits the wearer during production. Trying the hat on is necessary to ensure that the right size by making the proper adjustments to the hat’s circumference.

Next, see if the hat needs some trimming along the edges or if it needs some glue or some stapling for more stability.

To decorate the newspaper hat, you can use spray paint to give it the color of your choice. For the traditional look, you may want to paint it black. You may also add accents such as skull and crossbones. You can make them from scratch using white construction paper or, if you have stickers with such images, simply attach them at the front of the hat. For some pizzazz, highlight the edges of the hat with gold glitter or paint.

Pirate Hat Made of Craft Foam

Another great material to use for a pirate hat would be craft foam. It is inexpensive and very easy to work with. For the hat, you will need two sheets of black (8x11 in) craft foam and one white sheet.

Cut two one-inch strips from the black craft foam. Take one piece and place it on the head of the person who will be wearing the hat. Staple the ends of the strip after circling it around the head. Make sure it is snug.

Take the other sheet of black craft foam and fold it in half. Sketch half of the hat where the line is. Keep in mind pirate hats resemble the shape of a bell with its base wider in size. Cut what you’ve sketched and lay it on top of a table. Add your accents such as a skull with cross bones using the sheet of white craft foam. Glue them to keep them in place. Glue or staple your cutout to a black piece of headband and you’ve got your finished pirate hat!

Pirate Bandana Made of Cloth

The perfect alternative to a hat would be a bandana – another staple in the pirate’s wardrobe. Simply take a piece of cloth and fold it to make a large triangle. Place it on your head, fold it onto the forehead, and tie it at the back.

Now, you’re all set with attire. For more pirate themed features, you can go on to make other pirate related items including building a pirate boat for kids.