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My Pirate Name

When pretending to play a pirate, you might ask yourself "what my pirate name might be." You have seen the pirate movies, read the legends, and picked out the perfect costume and makeup – all you need now is the perfectly terrifying pirate name to match! Learning about piracy, as well as some of history’s most famous pirates, will help you choose the perfect pirate name!

My Pirate Name

To Start, What is a Pirate?

To choose the perfect pirate name, you might first want to learn a bit more about the history of pirates. A pirate is a person who robs or plunders others at sea and even, at times, at shore. He is generally not recognized as the agent or representative of any sovereign nation. A pirate typically works for his or her own gain and not necessarily for the benefit of a benefactor or a nation.

Pirates tended to make sailing very difficult for explorers during the Age of Exploration and became a serious problem for the Spanish sailors exploring the globe. Given the clandestine nature of pirate operations, there is much intrigue and mystery around these characters. There is also as much myth as there is fact about pirates throughout history.

The Golden Age of Piracy, when pirates were most active, was believed to span between the 1650s and 1720s. Pirates were active in raiding British, French, Spanish, colonial, and other ships during this period.

Famous Pirate Names in History

When choosing a pirate name, you might want to also consider famous pirates throughout history and how they came to get their names. These pirates terrorized the seas for decades, and their names are legendary:

Blackbeard – Born as Edward Teach or Edward Thatch, Blackbeard perhaps is history’s most well known pirate. He sailed off the cost of the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies around the early 1700s. Named for his thick, illustrious, and unwieldy black beard, Teach used his frightful appearance to frighten foes and is perhaps the most romanticized of all pirates. Today’s Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame is believed to be modeled after Blackbeard.

Captain Kidd – William “Captain” Kidd, a Scottish sailor, was accused and executed for piracy in 1701. There is some debate as to whether or not Kidd was a true pirate or if he was acting as a “privateer,” a hired gun on behalf of the Royal Navy. Despite the mystery surrounding him, Captain Kidd captured an Armenian vessel filled with silks and other treasures and is rumored to have buried some of his loot.

Black Bart – Also known as Bartholomew Roberts, this Welsh pirate conducted raids off the Americas and the West African coastline around 1719. Black Bart was considered one of the most successful of the pirates during The Golden Age of Piracy and may have captured over 450 vessels during his career. He may have even exceeded the infamous records of both Blackbeard and Captain Kidd.

Calico Jack - Jack Rackham, a British pirate, sailed off the shores of the Bahamas in the early 1700s. Calico Jack is most famous for creating the Jolly Roger flag, which has become the symbol for all pirates. This flag consists of the legendary skull and crossed swords used on much pirate memorabilia. He is also known for having women aboard his crew, which was uncommon in the Golden Age of Piracy.

My Pirate Name

So now that you know more about true historical pirates, consider your original question about "what my pirate name might be?" You might want to consider using elements of your natural features and incorporate it into your name. For example, if you have dark hair or a dark beard, “Black Night,” might be suitable. Women often used their actual names, though nicknames like “Red Rose,” or “Fair Sally,” might incorporate some of your features. Whatever you choose for “my pirate name,” be sure to have fun with it!