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Pictures of Old Pirate Ships

Many pictures of old pirate ships will be in the form of drawings. If the drawing is based on an old sketching, these depictions represent actual pirate ships from the era of pirates. Where do you find pictures of old pirate ships? Check out some of the following websites.

Pictures of Old Pirate Ships

If you type “old pirate ships” into an image search engine, you'll probably get pictures of re-creations or family vacation photos from Walt Disney world or Las Vegas. Some boat builders specialize in pirate ships for movies or tourist spots, so pictures of old pirate ship may be from these companies. If you want a general collection of photos to appear, then go to sites like Photo Bucket, or Foto Search. Another good way to find pirate ship pictures is to use the image search functions of Google and Bing.

For those interested in authentic pirate ship pictures, try:

  • Karen's Whimsy - You can find drawings of pirate ships on this site as well as landscapes that include many different types of ships, including pirate ships.
  • has five drawings of pirate ships that include a few ships from actual pirates. This site also has a number of pictures of famous pirates, battles, and maps.
  • Brethren Coast is a great source for the different class of pirate ships encountered in the 1700 and 1800s. If you want to see detailed descriptions as well as an artist's rendering of the ship, visit this site.
  • Pirates Info has a nice collection of pirate ship drawings as well as a link where you can learn about the different parts of a pirate ship. You can also learn about the various types of pirates and their code.


Use the above sites to learn what type of ships pirates sailed in, but remember that drawings will give you the truest representation. Use those if you want to see what real pirate ships looked like.