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Pirate Dinner Theater

If you are interested in watching pirates while eating dinner, it can be done at a pirate dinner theater! With a style like Medieval Times where characters perform a story while you eat, the pirate dinner theater is a great choice for the family.

Pirate Dinner Theater


Pirate dinner theater is actually called Pirate Dinner Adventure. There are two locations: one in Buena Vista, California, and the other in Orlando, Florida. If you are near those areas or are planning a vacation around either of those two locations, you should consider attending one of the shows.

What is Pirate Dinner Theater?

The theater cast performs on a replication of an 18th century Spanish ship that is over 45-feet long, 18-feet wide, and has tall masts. The boat floats in a small lagoon with 300,000 gallons of water. Around this larger ship are six smaller ships that house the audience. When you look up, the creators have included a nighttime sky to give even more authentic to the performance.

Depending on which of the six ships you are sitting in, you must cheer for your pirate captain (one of them being evil, of course). There are six “mascots” that are accompanied by other actors and singers and stunt men and women. They'll blast cannons, perform action-packed stunts, and even make you laugh.

The show isn’t just about you watching the story unfold with the cast doing all the work. As part of the audience, you’ll have a chance to play a role to help the story move along.

The Meal

The “Port of Call” feast includes a garden salad or creamy vegetable soup followed by your choice of a roast chicken leg quarter, pork tenderloin, or a seafood platter with shrimp and scallops. No matter which main course you choose, Caribbean rice and roaster red potatoes are also served as sides.

For dessert, you have your choice of apple cobbler or Mr. Magee’s Favorite Dessert. Pirate Dinner Adventure also has a kid’s options and a vegetarian meal available. For drinks, you’ll receive Caribbean coffee after the show. While the show is on, you get two rounds of beer or soft drinks. Otherwise, a cash bar is always available.

Other Features

Before the show begins, you'll have the chance to enjoy the King’s Festival where you can munch on appetizers and take pictures with pirates and Princess Anita.

Do you like to dance? After the show, you can enjoy a club setting in the style of a 70’s disco. MC Mr. Magee spins the music as you can dance with the crew of the dinner theater. You can also rent out this area for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and more.


The prices, as of this writing, are listed on Pirates Dinner Adventure.

All shows begin at 7:30 p.m., unless there is a special event. For adults 12 and older, the cost is $59.95 per person and for children aged 3 to 11, the cost is $29.99. Infants (2 or younger) get in free of charge. To save a little money, purchase tickets online. You’ll save $10 for adults and $5 for children.

You should visit the website often or at least near the time when you want to go to the show since they offer other discounts and specials that could benefit you. For example, one promotion they often run is a special price of $24.99 per person when booking four people online. Another promotion they occasionally run is for Florida residents who can receive a certain percentage off.

If you take advantage of the online offers and reserve your show in advance, then you are sure to enjoy the Pirate Dinner Adventure. Read reviews about the show at Yelp. Who knows, maybe you get picked to play a pirate yourself!