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Pirate Name Generator

A pirate name translator is a fun way to have your name converted into a pirate name. That way, you can be prepared to introduce yourself with your new pirate name when International Talk like a Pirate Day arrives on September 19th.

Pirate Name Generator

Finding a Pirate Name Translator

Using a pirate name translator or generator is very simple since there are a variety of them on the Internet. When you reach a site, enter your name, click your gender, followed by clicking submit or generate. That’s it! If you are ready to use a pirate name translator, check out the sites below to get your name translated into pirate.

  • At Gangstaname, you can not only get a pirate name, but also a Gangsta name, Mexican Wrestler name, pet name, taxi driver name, or a Mafia name. This site also has a Facebook application you can add to your account.
  • FroggyNET is another site to go to if you want to see what else your name generates in pirate language. After you submit your name, you can copy a block of HTML code to insert into a blog or signature or something similar that accepts HTML code. The code is relatively basic: all it displays is “[Your name], your pirate name is: [Your pirate name].”
  • Go to Blog Things for a third site to nab your pirate name. If desired, you can post your results directly to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and StumbleUpon.

Phrase Translation

For even more fun, visit the English to Pirate Translator, to convert basic phrases into pirate language. Input your phrase into the box and click “Ahoy!” If you wish to clear the box, then click “Avast!”

All for Fun

Some people take being a pirate seriously so if you ever meet a pirate, you’ll be prepared with your pirate name and a few phrases so you can hold a good conversation.