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Pirate Sayings

Pirates in popular culture are known for their pirate sayings — strange, silly phrases that are almost always spoken with a pirate accent. These sayings originate from actual phrases used on pirate ships and boats hundreds of years ago.

Pirate Sayings

Now they are catchphrases in popular movies, books, and even social networking sites. If you plan to have a pirate-themed party or you simply want to learn some pirate phrases to impress your friends, keep reading for ideas, tips, and tricks to make you sound more like a pirate. Pirate phrases can make your character seem more real and it will give all the kids you know a chuckle.

The Growling Voices of Pirates

The way to master the pirate sayings is to first learn the proper way to speak as a pirate. In order to sound like an authentic pirate, you have to speak in a lower tone of your voice. Your voice should sound growly, raspy, and yet jolly. Think about the type of roar you might make to sound like a lion or tiger — then, apply that scratchy sound to everything you say if possible. It will give your voice the edge of a well-seasoned pirate who has seen many years on the sea.

The next part to master when attempting to say lots of pirate sayings is to speak slower than normal and to let your words slur a little bit. You want to sound like a relaxed pirate, whether you are happy with joy, or whether you angry and want to make someone walk the plank. Just a word of caution, don’t overdo it — you don’t want to have a sore throat after using your pirate voice and pirate phrases all day.

The Art of “Arrgh”

You won’t be surprised to know that learning to speak like a pirate takes very little skill. The first phrase you should learn to master is the “Arrgh” sound — a growl that equates to “Bah, humbug” in pirate language. This phrase could be used to express discontent and you might even use it to tease others and show your pirate power off to everyone around you. Try using different kinds of “arrgh” sounds — some pirates like to draw the word out as long as possible and make a gruesome face while doing it.

Pirate Phrases

Now that you have a better handle on pirate sayings, you can start learning more to widen your pirate vocabulary. One of the most important sayings includes “walk the plank.” This statement is used when you want to force someone off of your pirate ship, sentencing them to death when they have wronged you.

Another pirate saying is “shiver me timbers,” which is an interjection that works a lot like saying “No way!” You might say it if you are upset or if you want to shrug something off. Another popular pirate phrase is “swab the deck,” which a pirate would use when punishing another sailor making them do chores.

Pirate Sayings in Pop Culture

Pirates often call each other “matey” on a pirate ship. To agree emphatically with one another, pirates might say “Aye there, matey.” Keep in mind that many pirate phrases cross over from English, so phrases like “aye” and “blimey” often make their way into pirate vocabulary. A pirate might call his friends on a ship his “blokes,” as well. The best part about pirate phrases is they often cross a particular line between familiarity and cruelty. Pirates often talk about “me buried treasure” and their pirate maps the clues that will get them back to their gold and jewels.

Some of the most popular sayings these days are pirate phrases that have made their way into the vernacular. Even if you aren’t throwing a party themed around pirates and life at sea, try using some pirate lingo in your everyday conversations, just for fun.