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Pirate Sword Holder

If you are aiming to dress up as a pirate for an upcoming costume party, you will want to invest in or make a pirate sword belt holder. There is no greater feeling than getting your costume on, attending a party, and whipping your sword out from its holder at your hip.

Pirate Sword Holder

The truth is, you can carry your sword in your hand, but it does not have the same effect as being able to show off your detailed costume skills. Keep reading to learn how to make the best sword belt holder for your costume, or to find out where to purchase the right belt to complement your costume.

Materials Needed to Make a Pirate Sword Belt Holder

To make a very effective makeshift holder for your pirate sword, you need to buy a thick brown belt with a gold belt buckle, or make one yourself. It can be easy to make the belt. If that's the route you decide to go, the first step is to determine the quality of the belt you want to wear: you might want something extremely fancy, such as leather, or something cheap and easy, like felt.

If you choose to make a belt, you’ll need to measure all the way around your waist or hips, depending on where you want it to fit. You’ll want to add a few inches for comfort. For a simple solution, attach Velcro or another kind of easy sew-on fastener to the ends of your belt. This allows you to secure the belt around you. For a fancier option, select a belt fastener you would like to use, and glue or sew this to one end of your belt. Add belt holes on the other side, for the little metal piece in the belt to hook through so the belt stays fastened.

In truth, many people choose to abandon the more difficult options and just use a long piece of cheap fabric, like cotton jersey, and tie it into a knot around their waist, linking the sword holder on with a simple square knot. This can look very authentic with little effort. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

Directions for Making a Belt Holder for Your Pirate Sword

Once you have a belt on hand, you want to make a special loop for your pirate sword. There are several options: the first is, you can purchase a full-length sword holder that completely encases your sword. This might make your life easier. If you want to encase your sword but do not want to buy something, you can make a sheath using virtually any kind of fabric.

  1. Measure the length and width of your sword
  2. Cut two long strips of fabric in a size that covers this area
  3. Sew together the two long sides and one short side, making a pocket for your sword
  4. Sew the top of this pocket (only on one side, so the sword can still be inserted) to the top of your belt

Pirate Sword Belt Holder

This can really complete an outfit and frees the use of your hands when dressed up as a pirate. You might have the rest of the costume intact, but with a sword holder, you’ll very easily be able to handle any situation at a party. In addition, the amazing moment of pulling your sword out of its holder is a classic touch: you’ll look like a tough pirate ready to fight!

Make sure to wear it on the opposite hip of the hand you write with: if you use your right hand, you probably want to “fight” with that hand, so remember your belt holder should be worn on the left. That way it is easy to remove your sword from your pirate sword belt holder with your hand – and look classy, not clumsy, while doing so! You’ll be ready to set sail on the high seas with your sword and pirate boat in no time.