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Printable Pirate Maps for Kids

Playing pirate games can be incredibly fun – and with printable pirate maps for kids, you can take your kids on a treasure hunt adventure.

Printable Pirate Maps for Kids

Perhaps you are looking for the perfect pirate map images for decorations, or maybe you are encouraging your kids to think creatively and create a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt of their own. A treasure map can be part of a great party game, of course, but pretending to be pirates searching for buried treasure can also boost critical thinking skills. Below are links to printable pirate maps along with tips and tricks for creating your own.

Links to Pirate Maps for Kids

Help develop your child’s imagination by printing out some pirate maps. Here are some great online links to resources that offer pirate maps for kids. The convenience of finding these printable maps online makes it easier to get started on the fun.

This map at Lee features a compass, an island, and a trail that leads to an “X” where a treasure might be hidden. Keep in mind that this map probably does not look like the area where you want to have your own treasure hunt. However, it will give you some ideas about design – notice how it features little whales and islands.

The map at Fun Party is not just a map of a small isolated area. It definitely covers some serious world traveling. If you print this out, you can plan out a world-traveling treasure expedition. Also, note that the map itself looks aged, as if it were an authentic map that survived for hundreds of years and has browned and aged. Kids might like this effect, and it is easy to reproduce just by printing off of your computer.

Family Fun has a map designed especially for young children, who might like the simplicity offered in the map. Consider setting up an obstacle course that resembles the map, so that the kids are able to travel through the circuit and get to the gold and other “buried treasures.”

Customizing Your Own Pirate Maps for Kids

Of course, many more pirate maps for kids exist online for you to print. Another resource to ask would be an elementary school teacher. Ask if they have access to printable pirate maps in their curriculum. Also visit a teacher supply store to find more pirate maps that can be copied or printed. Another option is to use a scanner or copier. If copyrights allow, maps can be scanned or printed in color for a special touch.

The thing about printable pirate maps, however, is that usually they do not match the landscape where you might want to do a pirate-themed treasure hunt with your kids. With printable pirate maps for kids as a guide, you can easily create your own map. Some printable pirate maps allow you to fill in special landmarks and locations that might be relevant for your use.

Take note of the common elements on pirate maps. Most maps feature a big “X” marking the spot where treasure is buried. Make sure you have a dotted line trailing to this X from a starting point. Decorate your map with a compass and with pirate ships in the water, skulls and crossbones, and other pirate symbols. This personalizes your map and makes it more unique.

Printable Pirate Maps for Kids

Once you print out your map and customize it, consider how many you want to print. The truth is, the less copies you make, the quicker children work like a team. They will have to share the map and learn from each other during the pirate game they play. Libraries in your town may have additional resources with printable pirate maps for kids that might be perfect for your use – either ones designed for your kids and their games, or others that are more historically accurate.

Printable Pirate Map 1

Printable Pirate Map 2