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Sunken Pirate Ships

A fascination surrounds sunken pirate ships and famous pirate ships. When people hear about pirate ships found on the bottom of an ocean floor, they automatically think of the hidden, encrusted chest brimming with all types of treasure that could be priceless.

Sunken Pirate Ships

Throughout history, there has been a preoccupation with pirate ships and the possibility they may hold a number of different benefits besides sailing history. There are even a variety of documentaries on different pirate ships discovered over the years. Some of these ships are important because of their historical significance while others did, indeed, contain treasure that made them very popular and highly sought after. The appeal of finding old pirate ships remains quite alive and is occasionally reignited amid the public with a new discovery.

Folklore of Sunken Pirate Ships

Throughout history there are have been a number of sunken pirate ships that have become quite famous. An example of a very popular pirate ship that comes with its own folklore is The Flying Dutchman. The Dutch captain Bernard Fokke headed this particular ship. Fokke was very well known for heading ships that sailed the seas at fast rates. This prompted many to believe Fokke made a deal with the Devil in order to obtain such ability for his ships.

Legend has it that Captain Fokke and his ship are destined to sail the seas forever as retribution for Fokke having sworn at the Devil as his ship was having trouble in rough seas. This particular ship is called a ghost ship as many people have reported seeing it. It has even been said that the ship has a “supernatural” light and that, if a crew see this ship, it is a warning of possible trouble. Over the years, the legend of The Flying Dutchman has evolved into a number of different versions. There is even an opera by Richard Wagner based upon this doomed pirate ship.

The Historical Importance of Shipwrecks

Other sunken pirate ships are more popular for the historical significance their discoveries offer. It is believed many pirate ships were deliberately taken down by the captain. This happened more often than most realized, particularly when the captain believed defeat was near.

A famous example is the ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. The English pirate Edward Thatch, who was better known as Blackbeard, headed this particular ship. This ship was instrumental in helping Blackbeard to capture many other ships in the Caribbean region and to obtain a number of prizes or “bounties” as a result. The ship is known to have attacked British, Portuguese and Dutch ships. However, Queen Anne’s Revenge would eventually see its demise off the coast of North Carolina in the United States.

In 1996, the private research firm Intersal Inc. discovered the remains of this ship along the coast of North Carolina. After much investigation, more than 16,000 artifacts and guns from the shipwreck were found. There is such interest in the historical significance of the ship that numerous websites are dedicated to it, including information on the North Carolina maritime museum’s website.

The Popularity of Buried Treasure

The mention of pirate ships is sure to draw interest due to the possibility of discovering lost treasures. Many divers live for navigating the very bottom of the ocean floor for the chance of finding a shipwreck that could be worthwhile. In 2009, a shipwreck off the coast of Borneo was worth over 10 million dollars! A team of treasure hunters had searched 35 ships off the coast of Borneo when they came upon a ship named Forbes. This particular shipwreck contained numerous treasures such as silver coins, crystal, gold jewelry, cannons and porcelain. Thus, it is possible to find treasures buried at the bottom of the ocean floor to this very day.