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Riddles and puzzles are a natural reaction to the human brain's inquisitive nature. Many people like the sense of accomplishment when they puzzle something out or solve the seemingly insolvable.


Others enjoy the humor that a quirky or funny riddle can bring with its unexpected answer. Still others look for difficult riddles to stump their friends or prove their own mental superiority.

Whatever the reason, riddles are great inexpensive entertainment. Challenge yourself, look for riddles to use in the classroom as teaching aids or to include in treasure hunts, newsletters or love notes. Riddles can be used in all of these ways!

Whether you are interested in funny riddles for children, romantic riddles for your true love or difficult to solve riddles and brainteasers, we can tell you their origins, how to write your own and how to find great examples of these mental puzzles. We also offer links to some of the best resources online for riddles, riddle solutions and other sites with puzzles, brainteasers and related fun.

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