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Hard Brain Teasers

Hard brain teasers and riddles encourage the growth of human knowledge.

What are Hard Brain Teasers

Hard Brain Teasers

Anything that challenges and pushes the boundaries of human thought can all be classified as being a brain teaser. Riddles and jokes, mathematical word problems and deductive reasoning puzzles are all forms of brain teasers. The level of difficulty can be increased by adding multiple factors, hints and possible solutions. The only real requirement is that the brain teaser can be solved. Hard brain teasers can have as many variables as you can think of and the best brain teasers don’t require you to have any special knowledge. It is your brain and your cognitive ability versus the puzzle.

There are several kinds of brain teasers that you can partake in:

Optical Illusion: More of a fun brain teaser, the optical illusion is something that tricks the creative and analytical sides of your brain. There is no real solution to the brain teaser as you stare at the optic and try to figure out what you’re seeing (or not what you’re seeing). A popular illusion are two candlesticks side by side that can either look like a candlestick or two faces looking at each other. Another popular style is color vs. name. If a word is written in blue but the word itself is “red” then both sides of your brain will fight for dominance.

The Logic Puzzle: Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, is credited with being the first to create the logic puzzle. These hard brain teasers are based on deductive reasoning in order to discern the solution. Sudoku is a type of logic puzzle. You are given several premises from which you can deduce an answer.

Mathematical: Many teachers have used mathematical brain teasers on students for decades. Algebra is a very common form of a brain teaser as you must use the information given in order to come to a conclusion. The much despised world problem is also a mathematical brain teaser.

Why Solve a Brain Teaser

Hard brain teasers can take you hours and even days to solve but why bother doing it in the first place? They serve a broader purpose than one may think. Besides as a way to just pass the time the brain teaser has long since been used to help people train their brains to think more clearly and efficient. The more brain teasers that you solve the more “exercise” your brain gets. Even game makers have seen the perks of the brain teaser and have created video games for the Nintendo DS that help to give you brain a good work out.

Finding Brain Teasers

Whether you want to test yourself, friends or family it helps to know where to go online to find free brain teasers. The following web sites are great places to do just that and are just the tip of the ice berg:

Could this be the Hardest Brain Teaser Ever?

Albert Einstein was a world renowned physicist and mathematician who loved brain teasers. He did his best work as a patent clerk. He was known as a very wise man and he valued education above all. He is credited with coming up with one of, if not the hardest, brain teasers ever created. Einstein stated that at least 98% of the world couldn’t solve the problem. If you want to find a hard brain teaser you can try your hand at this one:

There are 5 houses. Each house is painted a different color. Each owner of a house is a different nationality, drinks a different drink, smokes a different brand of cigarette and each has a different type of pet.

Here are your clues:

  1. The British owner lives in the red house.
  2. The Swedish man likes dogs.
  3. The Danish man enjoys a spot of tea.
  4. When looking at the front of the houses the green house is just left of the white one.
  5. The owner of the green house likes coffee.
  6. The person that raises birds smokes Pall Malls.
  7. The man who smokes Dunhill brand also owns the yellow house.
  8. The owner of the center house drinks milk.
  9. The man from Norway lives in the last house on the left.
  10. The person who smokes Blends is the neighbor to the man who smokes Dunhill.
  11. The man who drinks beer also smokes Bluemasters.
  12. The German man smokes Prince.
  13. The Norwegian is the neighbor to the man who lives in the blue house.
  14. The person who smokes Blends lives next to the man who drinks water.

The Question: Who is the owner of the pet fish? (answer not provided)

By Michael Johnson