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Riddle Solver

If you are stumped by a difficult riddle, you can use your mental faculties to work the problem, or you can try one of the many available riddle solver sites. Learn how to attack stumpers on your own, and how to find the answer when you just can't stand the suspense.

The Qualities of a Good Riddle Solver

Riddle Solver

What does it take to be a good riddle solver? Read on to find out how to know whether or not you’ve got what it takes to crack the code of today’s brainteaser mysteries.

We’ve all heard riddles, and chances are many of us have been frustrated by not being able to figure out the answer to one. However, it always seems there is one person who always finds solutions to even the most difficult of riddles without any struggle. What is it about these riddle solvers that allows them to figure out things so quickly, leaving everyone else feeling intellectually inaccurate? Some may credit them to having mental capabilities others are lacking, while different individuals simply credit it to having the right personality traits. When it comes right down to it, both are actually true.

Some riddles, especially those focusing on math and science, take a certain type of intellect. Those who are whizzes in the classroom on these specific subjects will often be able to solve these types of riddles more quickly than those who grew up passionate in subjects such as history or English. However, it is not an academic skill set alone that makes most riddle solvers successful.

Personality trait plays a huge role in riddle solving. Those who solve riddles without the help of anyone else tend to be persistent, independent workers. If you frustrate easily or do not like to spend a lot of time turning something over in your mind, chances are you will quickly grow impatient or lose interest, leaving the riddle unsolved or with an incorrect answer. This is why those who are meticulous and methodical in their thinking often solve riddles with seemingly no effort.

Logic also plays a key role. Some of us just aren’t practiced in logical thinking. Those who are more rooted in reality, enjoy facts and figures, and function better in clean and organized solving other riddles requires creative, "out-of-the-box" thinking.

Lastly, practice makes perfect. Pondering a riddle once a day versus once a year can make a huge impact on your solving abilities. As with any sport or hobby, your brain will grow accustomed to the riddle solving process with regular exercise. Those who solve riddles quickly often enjoy them enough to read them regularly and pass them onto others. If you want to be an impressive riddle solver, you’ll wan to become a brainteaser enthusiast.

Solving Riddles through the Internet

If you are intimidated by riddle solving, but don’t want to be left out of the fun, spend some time on the Internet and explore some riddle solving sites. These can teach you some riddles and may even give you the specific answers to the one that has you stumped. is a great place to start. Their riddles vary in levels of difficulty, and they require you to click a link to reveal the answer. This gives you a chance to give it your best shot before the riddle solver does the work for you.

For a site with even more variety, is another great destination for riddles, brainteasers and more. Some are quick and simple, while others are so challenging you’ll be grateful for the riddle solver that appears with a simple mouse click.

Of course, you can enter the question of your hard-to-solve riddle into a search engine such as Google and see if the answer emerges. You'll be surprised how many riddles you can solve with that simple method. However, if you have no luck with that approach, try Yahoo Answers and ask their community for suggestions.

Learning to Solve Riddles

Becoming a riddle solver yourself can be a challenge that brings you great respect in your social circle, and using an online riddle solver is a great way to learn some material to share with your friends and family. No matter what your goal, solving riddles is a great way to give your mind a workout and sharpen your logic skills at the same time.

by Tamara Warta