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If you or anyone you know is a puzzle lover, than you may be interested in the Gordian knot string puzzle. This particular type of puzzle is for people who like to be challenged. In many ways, it has the complexity of the Rubik’s Cube and then some.

Gordian Knot

The Gordian knot is considered to be one of the toughest puzzles to unravel. This because to solve this puzzle you have to unravel all six pieces and then put it back together again. This puzzle consists of six interlocking pieces that consist of the colors red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple. It has been purposed that it takes about 70 moves in order to completely untie the puzzle. There are very few people who have ever been able to solve this puzzle. If you are a brainteaser enthusiast then the Gordian knot puzzle would be of interest to you.

History of the Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot string puzzle has a history that dates back to days of Zeus. According to Gordian Solutions the knot was made by Midas, a poor homeowner who became a king because of prophecy. Midas was a wanderer who traveled with an ox cart. When he became king, Midas created a shrine in thanks to the god Zeus for his blessings and he placed his ox cart in the middle of the city by tying it with an intricate Turkish knot to pole.

The shrine was later moved to the city of Gordium, which was ruled by Midas’ father Gordius who rather enjoyed speaking of the complexity of the knot. Eventually, an oracle stated that whoever was able to undo the knot would become the ruler of all of Asia. Only one person has ever solved the Gordian Knot and it was Alexander the Great, who did in fact become the ruler of Asia. The Gordian Knot was seen as a tourist attraction for the city of Gordium. Visitors were urged to attempt solve the puzzle.

Gordian Knot String Puzzle

The Gordian Knot string puzzle was introduced to the mainstream in 2005 via ThinkFun, Inc. ThinkFun, Inc. is a company specializes in creating and marketing games and puzzles that are very challenging. This puzzle has received a number of rewards including the Best Puzzle of the Year award by Games Magazine. It very inexpensive, costing usually no more than fifteen dollars at the high end.

It consists of six colored interlocking colored pieces. In order to “solve” the puzzle you have to take all six pieces of the puzzle apart and put them back together again. There are not many people who have actually solved this puzzle, but many do enjoy trying. In some ways many people consider it to be the modern day Rubik’s cube because of the complexity involved in solving the puzzle.

This puzzle can be played by anyone, although the age recommendation is age 8 and up. These marketed puzzles come with a guide to assist with solutions unraveling the puzzle. It is believed there is only one true way to solve the puzzle. If you decide to tease your mind with this puzzle make sure you have enough time and patience go navigate through this mental maze.

Uses of the Gordian Knot Puzzle

You can use the Gordian knot puzzle for a number of reasons. Although this puzzle is for challenging the mind, there are other reasons why this puzzle is used. Some people like to use mind-challenging puzzles as a relaxation method. Puzzles such as the Gordian knot require a lot of concentration and self-containment in order to solve them. It is a puzzle perfect for someone who simply wants to spend time alone relaxing. This puzzle can also be used to help children develop their manual dexterity. Because this puzzle requires a certain amount of manipulation with the hands, children who have problems with finger movement can use this puzzle as a way of developing their fine motor skills.