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Riddles for Spring

Springtime is one of the happiest times of the year, and a great way to celebrate when the birds begin chirping and the snow finally melts away is to tell a few riddles for spring to your friends. Here are a few to get you started (answers appear at the end of the page), as well as some information about why spring is a great season for riddles!


Riddles for Spring

  1. April showers bring mayflowers, but what do Mayflowers bring?
  2. What’s the best day of the year to monkey around with your friends?
  3. Can February March?
  4. What spring flowers can be found on people’s faces?
  5. Why is spring a great season to start a gardening business?
  6. Do you know what happens on April 1?
  7. What did the big flower say to the little one?
  8. How is the letter A like a spring flower?
  9. What is a spring chick after it is five months old?

Why Tell Riddles in the Spring

The reason that riddles for spring work so well is that the season is ripe (pardon the pun) for wit and cleverness. Longer days, more sun, warmer temperatures and thoughts of the fun of summer begin to creep into the minds of many individuals. This good mood can be used as the foundation upon which you set up your funniest riddles, jokes, and one-liners.

Moreover, because the name “spring” is itself open to interpretation, it’s easy to make your own riddles. For example, you might ask a friend “Why is April a great season to jump on the bed?” The answer, obviously, is “because it’s spring-time!” Try making up your own spring riddles and tell them to your friends. You might get a great reaction from them!

Telling a Good Spring Riddle

A mediocre riddle told very well is much better (and much funnier) than an extremely good riddle told poorly. Make sure that the execution of your riddle is flawless by practicing the telling of it several times before trying it on a friend. Master every word of the riddle so that you won’t have to think about it too much when you tell it.

When the time finally comes to tell your riddles for spring to your friends, launch into them without setting them up by saying “I have a riddle to tell you!” Your riddle will be much funnier if you surprise them with it. Make it through your riddle without cracking up, or else they might not think that it’s as funny as you think it is. Finally, remember that riddles are meant to entertain, not to make fun of others!


  1. Pilgrims! The Mayflower was the ship that brought the first pilgrim settlers to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. After a journey of over two months, the settlers finally made it to their destination in the New World in November (not in the springtime).
  2. Ape-ril Fool’s Day, of course.
  3. No — but April May! This silly joke is simply a bit of wordplay using the names of the spring months.
  4. Two lips (tulips). When you tell this springtime riddle, make sure that you say the punch line clearly enough so that the meaning is understood.
  5. Because it’s the season when you can really “rake” in the cash! To rake in money simply means to make a lot of it all at one time.
  6. If a friend says “what?” or that they don’t know, you should respond, “I’m surprised you’re not fool-ly aware of it!” If a friend says, “April Fool’s Day,” respond by saying “I’m glad to know you’re fool-ly aware of it!” This is a great joke for April Fool’s Day.
  7. “You’re really growing, bud!” A bud is a shoot that eventually blooms into a full-grown flower.
  8. Both of them are followed by bees (B’s)!
  9. Six months old. (What did you think the answer was?)