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If you are interested in beginning to play the game of Bingo, a Bingo card template can be an easy and cheap way to get started! Bingo is a great game to play with family, friends, and even strangers! Everyone enjoys shouting “Bingo!” when he or she has finally won. If you’ve never played Bingo before, you might want to know a little more about the rules and the advantages to using this Bingo card template.

What is the History behind Bingo?

Bingo Card Template

Bingo in the United States evolved from the Italian game, “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.” The game began in the 16th century, and it was a lottery game and thus a game of chance. The game spread throughout Europe, and the French changed the game to include cards, tokens, and the reading of numbers.

The game came to the United States in Atlanta, and it was called “beano” because it was played with dried beans. An observer watching the game, Edwin Lowe, brought the game back to his friends in New York. Here, the game’s name was changed from “Beano” to “Bingo.” By the 40s, the game had spread throughout the country.

How Do You Play the Game of Bingo?

Although there are a number of different versions of Bingo, the standard version remains the most popular one throughout the country. The rules for Bingo are simple. You use a 5x5-grid card that use the letters “B-I-N-G-O” at the top of the card, and the numbers (75 different numbers in the American version that differ between the cards of players) are along the side of the cards. Typically, the middle space is considered a “free space” for all players.

Typically, players use a Bingo wheel to then pull Bingo pieces from which correspond to a specific spot. For example, a Bingo piece such as “B-1” or “N-63” might be pulled. If you have the number and letter that is pulled, you place a chip on that spot.

Your goal in the game is to connect five chips in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical row on your Bingo card. If you connect five chips in a row, you shout “Bingo!” If you are the first to shout it out, you have won the game.

Features of Your Bingo Card Template

This particular bingo card template has many advantages over other bingo cards. First, you can download the card and print out however many copies that you need. This is advantageous because Bingo sets come with a specific set of Bingo cards. However, these cards can frequently become lost or damaged over the years. You won’t have to worry about losing Bingo cards with this template!

However, the size of the spaces in this card is also great. It provides ample room for your chips, and ensures that chips won’t overlap onto other squares and cause you confusion over which square actually holds the chip!

Furthermore, this template is larger than many Bingo cards. This is also a nice quality if you are playing with older individuals who may have trouble seeing. You can write the numbers as large as you like on the side of the card to ensure that they can see them.

This template is also unique because it allows you to adjust the size of the game. If you’re only playing Bingo with four people, you can randomly number the cards using the number one through twenty and only use the Bingo pieces that correspond to those squares. This allows the game to go quicker than if you use preset Bingo cards which randomize all 75 numbers, and have to use all 75 pieces for only four Bingo cards.

Overall, Bingo is a great game to play, and this template allows gives you more flexibility to play the game! So print out some cards, and play with friends!