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A blank timeline template is a great way to organize future projects and events. Sometimes, you can forget all the details and requirements of events that you are planning. If you merely have a number of events in the future and you need to keep track of them.

Timeline Template Uses

Blank Timeline Template

You can use the timeline for so many different things. For example, you might want to use it to organize the details that you have to complete for an upcoming wedding, or birthday party. You can specify on what days you need to go dress shopping, or pick up decorations.

Alternatively, you can use it for a project at work. If you’re in charge of a project, you can use the timeline to indicate to your team when certain materials must be completed by. You can then pass the timelines out to your team members.

If you’re a student, the timelines can be used to help you study for a test. It’s a great way to allocate your time, and to specify that you must be done reading certain chapters by a certain day or week. Alternatively, you can use the timeline for history class to learn the order that certain events occurred in. For example, the timeline of the French Revolution can become quite confusing. These blank templates are a great way for you to visualize when events occurred.

Find a Blank Timeline Template

You can easily find blank timelines by searching for them on your web browser. However, sometimes the results can be a little overwhelming and you need some help to be steered in the right direction.

An excellent resource is the timelines available on the Teacher Planet website. The website has a variety of different timeline templates, including an up and down timeline and a simple blank timeline template. The blank timeline on the website is good if you are only trying to keep track of a couple events.

You can easily and evenly space out what you have to keep track of. After you fill it out, you can tape it to your fridge to ensure that you don’t miss any appointments. The up and down timeline lets you type in the events that you have to remember. This is nice because you can then have a digital version of your timeline, along with the version that you print out and tape to your fridge.

However, if you do not like the timelines offered on this website, you might want to consider the timelines from Vertex 42. The website offers a downloadable template that you can use in Microsoft Excel.

This allows you to customize the timeline to fit your needs. When you download this version, you get two different timelines. The first template is in years, and the second timeline uses days as a scale. Thus, you can create a timeline for events further into the future, or you can create a timeline for events that are more pressing.

Additionally, using this template, you can add or decrease the amount of lines that they give you. If you only need to write a couple of events in the timeline, you can shrink the timeline. If you need to write more events in it, you can add lines to it.

Finally, you can browse through the templates on the Microsoft Office webpage. These templates are useful because they offer you a large amount of space to write the event that you want to put on the timeline. If you need to write more than simply the title of the event, this template offers boxes for you to fill in. You can also change your font size, and fit even more information!