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Free Downloadable Templates

Free candy bar wrapper templates can help you to create personalized candy bars. These are useful in a wide variety of situations and it can be fun to download the free candy bar wrapper templates and create your own customized design. Designing your wrapper is simple, and in most cases, all you will need is Microsoft Word or another desktop publishing software platform.

Customized Candy Bars

Customized candy bars with your very own wrapper can be useful in numerous situations. For example, a candy bar with your own personal wrapper on it can be used for:

  • Fundraising: Buy some candy in bulk and make a customizable wrapper template. You can then resell the candy for more to raise money for your church, sports team, favorite non-profit or other cause you want to support
  • Shower gifts, party or wedding favors: Candy bars can be personalized with sayings about the bride and groom or even with pictures. The candy can be on the table as favors or handed out in goody bags when guests leave. This is also great for children’s parties
  • Company publicity: Place a table full of customized candy bars on the desk in your office or the reception desk. People will appreciate the yummy treat and you can advertise your business on the wrapper. You can even put a coupon on the wrapper for a discount off of services
  • Contests: You can personalize a candy wrapper by creating a secret symbol or code on select pieces of candy. The people who buy the candy with the secret symbol can win a prize. This can be a fun party game or a good fund raising alternative to a raffle.

Free Candy Bar Wrapper Templates

Free candy bar wrapper templates can be found from various online sources and downloaded. For example:

  • Microsoft Office downloadable candy bar wrapper templates at no cost. These can be opened using Microsoft Word and edited. Candy bar wrapper templates provide spots for the nutrition facts, as well as for personalization on the front. You can alter the message on the front and put your own customized text on the wrapper.
  • Ink Credible Images also offers customizable, downloadable candy wrapper templates. Their templates are sized to specific candy bars, including a Snack Size Kit-Kat and several different Hershey’s candy products.
  • Candy Bar offers both free and paid services for those looking to customize candy bars. Certain wrappers can be downloaded and customized for various candy bars
  • Craft teaches you how to make your own customizable candy bar wrappers, and includes two simple wrappers to look at in order to get an idea of the type of wrappers you can make. While they do not provide a downloadable template, their systematic instructions provided for the project make it easy to completely customize any wrapper you want to make.

Designing Your Wrapper

Most of the templates allow for easy editing and you can make changes to the text just as you would using any other word processing program. While the templates provide you with a base, you may also want to add your own images or designs to the customizable templates You should be able to do this without a problem as long as you don’t affect the template’s borders.

Printing Your Wrapper

Once you have designed the perfect wrapper, you will need to either print it at home or have it printed. Whether you decide to do it yourself or take the wrapper to printing professionals, you should consider the type of paper you are going to use. Standard white letter paper will not be very good for printing candy bar wrappers since it is not easily foldable. Instead, you may want to choose specialty paper that is softer or glossier. Explain your project and check with your local office supply store to find out what type of paper they would recommend.