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Certificate of Appreciation Template

Certificate of Appreciation templates are wonderful ways to give out appreciation certificates in bulk. Since the basic information is the same from one to the other, printing out certificates for co-workers, employees and students are a snap.

Template Information

Certificate of Appreciation Template

The information that you should include on a certificate of appreciation template is:

Main Heading. Across the top of the certification, have the phrase "Certificate of Appreciation" in big letters. Most fonts for the head will be Old English or large cursive letters.

Name. This is self-explanatory. Who is it for? If it's for an individual or group of people, you should say so.

Reason. Why is the recipient receiving the certificate? A generic certificate won't seem genuine.

Date. Make the certificate timely.

Presenters. There should be a spot where supervisors, peers or other people giving the Appreciation certificate can sign.

Other than those five main pieces of information, some certificates will have pictures or a watermark. Also, tradition usually indicates that a fancy border completes the appeal of a good certificate of appreciate template.

Using Certificate of Appreciation Templates

It's pretty easy to use a certificate of appreciation template. If you just want to load up the document and use what is provided, that's all you have to do. After typing in the needed information, print the certificate and insert it into a special document holder. You're done!

Now if you find a template that you like, but it just doesn't have the right wording or right sections, you can usually modify the template to your liking. Most templates will probably be in Word format, which can be directly imported into Word and edited. Others may be in PowerPoint or even Publisher but they will even be just as easy to edit. If the document if in PDF format, the creator of the template would have either locked it from further editing, which means you can only fill in the fields. If it is an unlocked document, then you are free to edit it however you like.

Where to Find Appreciation Templates Online

Microsoft Office Online is a great place to start. All the documents are in some Office format, so if you have Office software, you will find templates that you can use right way or that you can edit how you need. While some of the templates are for appreciation, there are some specific templates you can download for employees, certain industries, and special situations. For more detailed templates, you will probably need to edit something.

In the certificate of appreciation section of Docstoc, you will find many user created templates available for download. One nice thing about this site is that you don't necessarily have to print them on paper. You can embed the document (via a code you copy and paste) into websites or email and even post them to Twitter, Digg, or other social networking sites. One other nice features is that you can preview the document before you download it or start entering information in.

You don't have to go too far if you are reading this article. Head on over to the templates portion of There is a basic blue and brown certificate of appreciation template that you can download and use. Since all you have to do is enter in a few pieces of information, you are a short time away from a neat certificate to hand out.

Need to appreciate an employee for a duty or service that was above and beyond normal duties? Then print out the template from Docdownload. This was created by a human resource director and can fit most needs in the work force.

Many people enjoy giving appreciates certificates to teachers. At Hoover Web Design you can find templates made for teachers. They are in PDF format and cannot be edited, so you must stick with the wording and format of what is provided.