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There are many reasons why you would need a Christmas border template. You may have a job as a teacher or a daycare provider that may require you to decorate your classroom. You could even be a person who has an affinity towards arts and crafts who may simply enjoy decorating and creating things. Regardless of your profession, using a Christmas border template will definitely come in handy.

Why Do I Need It?

Christmas Border Template

If ever you decided to make a gift from the heart, you could use this template to make cards, certificates or even pictures. Often, you may find that these particular templates have a special Christmas-themed item as the border picture, making them useful for any festive Christmas crafts.

For example, many of the templates have beautiful holly leaves, elements of mistletoe or a string of Christmas lights. They usually feature an array of robust colors, such as rich pine greens or lush ruby reds and of course a bright and velvety winter white. In addition, many of these templates will display conventional Christmas characters such as snowflakes, reindeer, perhaps even a cartoon Santa image.

Do It Yourself Template

Yes you can and it is easier than you think. If you have access to Microsoft Word, Works, Publisher or Adobe Illustrator then you can easily be well on your way to making your very own Christmas themed border templates.

If you have the freeware word processing software called Open Office, you can make a few templates as well.

Make a Christmas Border Template

You can also make a border template completely from scratch and it will come out looking just as good as the pre-made Christmas templates. If you have Microsoft Word, you can go into the Page Layout menu, and select “Page Borders.”

From that point, you will see a medium sized grey box called “Borders and Shading” appear. This box shows you the different styles of borders available to you.

Look over to the lower far let of the box, beneath the word “Setting” and you will see an option for “Custom Border.” Click on the “Custom Border” icon.

Directly across from the words “Custom Border” and beneath the “Width” box is a drop down menu labeled “Art.” Click on the drop down menu for “Art” and select a Christmas Border. There are Christmas Trees, holly leaves, string lights, and a host of others choices available.

Once you select a border, it will automatically be applied to your entire document. Now you can choose to do a “Save As” in order to save the file, and you should change the option from “Save As” a “Word Document” to saving your document as a “Template.”

Once you do this you can have access to the template at any time.

Scanning in Images

You can also scan in template images that you could use as a border. If you are working in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can manipulate images or clip art, reducing them to the width of a page border. This will enable you to create more picturesque border templates because you can use JPGs or any other images to layer and create a unique border template.

Online Templates

If you do not feel like making the template on your own there are an array of places online where you can quickly download pre-made a Christmas border template.

If you are looking for a few free templates, try Southworth. They have a few dynamite templates that are completely downloadable, and the best part is that they are free.

Another good place to find great Christmas themed border templates is, Microsoft Office. Many of the templates here are for Microsoft PowerPoint. If you have PowerPoint you easily download the template, change the page orientation from “portrait” to “landscape”, and then edit it to meet your needs.