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Free Downloadable Templates

If you are looking to do some fun Christmas crafts around the Holiday season, this Christmas tree template can provide you with a great starting point.

Downloading Your Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Template

The Christmas tree template is easily downloadable using the above link. The file opens in any PDF reader, so if you already have one, you can just go ahead and open the file. If you don’t have a PDF reader, you can download one free online.

To print, simply select the “Print” option from the file menu of your PDF reader. The template is in black and white so no color printer is required. You may wish to print your template on special paper if you plan to use it in a craft project, as plain letter paper may not be sturdy enough to make a good craft base. Use card stock, or- since Christmas trees are, after all, green- consider some green construction paper.

Using Your Template

There are a number of great uses for a Christmas tree template. You can:

  • Use the template in a Christmas scrapbook
  • Print the page and allow your child to use the template as a color sheet. Get some glitter so that they can dress up their tree with tinsel (just make sure they work over a newspaper so you don’t end up with a not-very-festive mess.)
  • Make Christmas nametags or place cards. Write each person’s name in the middle of the tree or put their picture on the top as the “angel” atop the tree

Benefits of a Template

Drawing a perfect Christmas tree can be difficult, but with a tree template, you can easily have a perfect looking tree every time. The template, and the tree crafts you create with it, can become a great addition to your holiday decorations, to be enjoyed year after year.