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Free Downloadable Templates

If you’re trying to teach your children how to read time, you might consider using a clock face template. This type of template is a great tool for children to drop their digital clock habits, and learn to tell time from any clock! Additionally, they’re great for arts and crafts projects, and all around fun. So, where can I find these templates, and how can I use them?

Where Can I Download a Clock Face Template?

Clock Face Template

You can easily find a clock face template by searching for it on your browser. However, a good place to find one is simply searching for the template on Google Images. You’ll be met with an array of different templates.

You can search, and choose the template that is perfect for you! Perhaps you want to combine teaching your child about time with teaching him or hear about Roman numerals. In this group of templates, you can choose the clock with Roman numerals for numbers and print it out! You can even choose clocks with fun shapes to make the experience more enjoyable for your child.

Another great place to print the template from is the website Mathworksheetwizard. The great thing about this template is that it has hands that you can also print out, and place on the clock.

I’ve Printed the Template — How Do I Use It?

First, as stated above, you can use the template to teach your child how to tell time. First, have a lesson with him or her where you explain what the different hands on the clock stand for, and how to read a clock. Make sure he or she understands, and answers any questions that might arise.

Next, use the template to test your child’s knowledge. Since the templates are blank, you can ask him or her to draw on the template where certain times would be. For example, you can test their knowledge with such questions as, “Can you draw 3:15?”

Clock Face Template Projects

The great thing about the template is that you can also use it for a variety of arts and crafts projects! For example, why don’t you try creating the Clock and Mouse craft with your child (or children)?

You need the following materials:

  • a clock template
  • three cardboard tubes (such as a paper towel tube, or part of a wrapping paper tube)
  • a paper plate, whatever color paint that you want your clock to be colored
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape
  • yarn (whatever color yarn that you want)
  • an egg carton cup
  • two pieces of cardboard
  • wiggly eyes (if you have them, if not you can always create them using paper)
  • a small pom pom or ball of fluff for the mouse’s nose

Create the Clock

Paint your paper plate, and your tubes, whatever color that you want. Allow these materials to dry. Next, glue the clock template into the plate. Now, tape all the tubes together into a triangular shape. Your goal is to have the clock stand up on its own. Glue, or tape, the plate to the top of these tubes.

Create your Mouse

Take the egg carton cup, and lightly squish it. Don’t allow it to break, but you simply want a flatter structure that resembles the shape of a mouse. Use your scissors to cut two slits in the top of the carton. Next, cut out ear shapes from your cardboard, and attach these into your cup.

Now, attach the ball of fluff to your carton, which will be the mouse’s nose. Cover your mouse with glue, and wrap the yarn around it (this serves as the “fur” for your mouse). Tie a tail to the back of the mouse, and glue the eyes on the front. Finally, use a string to attach the mouse to the clock!